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Final days for Fantasy Football Ogre and Imp team on Kickstarter

Impact! Miniatures has just a couple days left for their Ogre and Imp football team on Kickstarter and they've just made it through their 5th stretch goal.


From the update:

Thanks to the backers with just under 2 days to go we just reached Stretch Goal #5 for our Ogre and Imp team KickStarter!

As a result, we will include with every pledge for a Resin Ogre team ($50) or higher, one of our most popular pewter figures, Motty the Goblin Commentator who is ready to speculate on the ongoing brutal action on the pitch by your Ogres.

We are now entering the final 2 days of the KickStarter. Currently all teams are getting a free Bonehead marker and a free Goblin Commentator. All the Super teams are getting 5 free Imps as well with their teams from a mix choice of 3 different styles of Imps and we have more free extras planned for every $1000 extra reached.