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Final Hours for Secret Hitler on Kickstarter

Godwin's law! This post already fails!
Though the Secret Hitler campaign on Kickstarter certainly hasn't failed.
It's well over $1mil. and continuing to go, but it's only got about a day left on the clock (at time of this posting). So if you want to get in on a hidden-information party game the Cards Against Humanity guys.

The game is sort of like Werewolf, the classic party game, where certain players are the Liberals and others are the Fascists. There's also one player who is Hitler. While the Fascists all know who the other Fascists are, the Liberals don't know who anybody else is. Each round, a President and Chancellor is elected, who will then try and pass a law from a deck of random laws. If a Fascist law is passed, the Liberals will need to try and figure out if they'd accidentally elected Fascists or if they were just unlucky from the law deck. The Fascists want to get 6 Fascist laws passed and then elect Hitler to Chancellor, while the Liberals want to assassinate Hitler and enact Liberal laws. First group to their goal wins.

As I mentioned, the campaign's raised over $1mil, which is more than 20x their goal, so there's stretch goals to check out. And there's only a day left to get in on the action.