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Firelock Games Posts New Blood & Plunder Preview

Arr, mehearties! The deckhands over at Firelock Games is working on a new expansion set for Blood & Plunder. You've wanted more buccaneer action, and they're ready to deliver. There's a whole lot they've got in store, from new foot models to new ships, and more. Check it out below.

From the announcement:

The No Peace Beyond the Line expansion book contains new information as well as a massive update to all the existing nationalities. Along with this update, you’ll find we’ve added more historic leaders, additional playable factions, new unit types, previously unseen scenarios, rules for larger games, campaign rules, and much more. Expect an expansion as large and as wide-ranging as the rulebook to enlighten players about the Blood and Plunder universe from 1600-1700. And atop our new offerings, you can expect plenty of Kickstarter treasure in the form of rewards like a never-before-seen female miniature and, if we reach our stretch goals, special civilian characters, a mystery vessel, and much more loot!