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Forbidden Stars Now Available From Fantasy Flight Games

In the grim dark of the far future, there is only war. Now you can play a new game based on the world, without having to actually paint up a couple dozen figures and find a big 4'x8' table to play on. Forbidden Stars from Fantasy Flight Games is now available over in their webshop as well as at local gaming shops near you.

In Forbidden Stars, you take control of one of four factions vying for control of the Herakon Cluster, a section of the galaxy that'd been cut off from the rest of the stars via terrible warp storms, but is now more readily accessible. You must claim worlds, build an ever-growning force under your control, wage bloody wars of conquest into enemy territory, and ... well... do all the things you'd expect to do in the grim dark future. Will the sector be controlled by the Space Marines, the Eldar, Chaos, or the rampaging hordes of the Orks? Only you can decide that.