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Forge World taking orders for The Mechanicum Scyllax Guardian-automata Covenant

Forge World has started taking orders for their new Mechanicum Scyllax Guardian-automata over in their webshop. They're kinda like "Squiddies" from The Matrix brought to the 40k universe. You can order the minis now and they'll ship out next week.

From the website:

Deployed onto the battlefield as elite shock troops or the bodyguards of their magos overseers, Mechanicum Scyllax Guardian-automata have been adapted with a wide variety of mechadendrites and servo-arms for dissecting living matter with murderous speed. With an armoured carapace as durable as Legiones Astartes battle plate and powered by a rad furnace which can vent debilitating radiation at will, the Scyllax Guardian-automata are a force to be truly feared on the battlefield.

The Mechanicum Scyllax Guardian-automata Covenant consists of four Scyllax Guardian-automata, each armed with a Scyllax bolter and various interchangeable claws and mechadendrites forming a mechadendrite combat array.

This is a complete multi-part resin kit. It is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 27th March.