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Foxtales Studios Bringing Overturn: Rising Sands to Kickstarter Soon

Middle Eastern folklore stretches back as far as humanity. There are countless epic tales of heroic deeds versus all manner of monsters. Foxtales Studios is looking to bring all those classic tales to your tabletop in Overturn: Rising Sands, a new cooperative board game they will be bringing to Kickstarter next year. The game uses a multi-board system, where each board has its own dangers and bosses. Only by defeating the different boards will the players be able to advance and defeat the final boss.

About the game:

Overturn is tactical combat based RPG board game with co-op elements to it. The uses the rich Middle Eastern folklore as a backdrop to tell its story which is ingrained is supernatural elements, legends and conspiracies.

The game uses a multiboard system to depict major scenarios with each major scenario ultimately ending after defeating its boss. The objective to win is simple: defeat all the bosses to reach the final boss and win the game. This can be done all on its own but it’s the coop element that makes Overturn unique. Each board or primary mission can be completed with multiple heroes and players yet each player has the option to pursue their own version of the story on the board and the choice to assist other players or not.

The combat is turn based with the enemies having their own unique AI that makes them formidable as well as unpredictable. Players grow their levels by defeating enemies and learning new skills and increasing their power. This applies to enemies too who grow just as much tough as the player grows bolder.