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Free ACW 3D boardgame available

Jackson Valley boardgameWargame Shop have released a free American Civil War boardgame. From their announcement:
Why not try this completely free American Civil War board game from Wargame Shop. Wargame Shop has launched its sixth American Civil Board Game in its 3D series. It is also the second in the Jackson Valley Campaign of 1862. The game sees the Confederate General "Stonewall" Jackson attacking the Union forces of General Banks at Front Royal. This battle is a fictional expansion of the vanguard encounter that took place at Front Royal. It’s a what if battle that may have occurring if both General Banks and Jackson had committed their forces here. A downloadable PDF version that you print and play, it comes with counters, rules and even tile dice, so all you need is a printer. The rules are standard throughout the series and are easy to learn, this game takes between one and two hours to play. For other games in the series see our website.