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Freebooter Legends going OOP at the end of the month

Freebooter Miniatures has their 10 year anniversary Freebooter's Legends miniatures going out of print at the end of the month.
If you want to get yours, better hurry.


From the announcement:

Just in case you forgot: The ten year anniversary miniatures, the Freebooter’s Fate Legends, will only be available until the end of October/early November in our store. They will leave our range after that point. For good. The melting pot has been mentioned in connection with any potentially remaining stock.

Which products will leave the range?
FML00 Legends Box
FML07 Virgo Despiedad
FML08 Chassa
FML09 Papa Houngan

The last time on which these four products will be for sale from us is at CRISIS in Antwerp, Belgium on 2 November 2013.

So if you want to get your greedy mitts on any of these gorgeous figures, order now or see us at Crisis. It will be too late after that. We really mean this.