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Freebooter Miniatures Indiegogo campaign almost halfway update

Freebooter Miniatures posts up a progress report on their Indiegogo campaign.

From the campaign:

The campaign has progressed to just short of its halfway point and so it is time to look back and sum up what we have achieved so far.

First of all, many thanks and a massive Freebooter cheer to all of you who have contributed so far. We didn’t think we would come this far this fast, to be perfectly honest. We are chuffed to bits, really.

During the campaign we have already achieved some stretch goals and there is no end in sight yet.

The Captain perk now includes:
The 6 Captain-perk-characters
An alternate ranged combat arm for each of the 6 Captain-perk characters
An alternate head for each of the 6 Captain-perk characters
Sidekick characters for: El Almirante (standard bearer) and Ixchelcoatl (Winged Serpent)
On-base companione for: Calamite (Skeletal Powdermonkey)
In addition, the two characters of Freebooter Goblin Captain and Mercenario-Capitan Virgo Despiedad have been unlocked and can be purchased by means of a Deckhand-perk contribution. So that’s eight characters available so far; guess how many we are still missing, given that this is our tenth anniversary celebration.

The next stretch goal will be additional close combat arms for all 6 characters and again we have almost reached that one. Next up after that is another sidekick, this time for the mad Goblin-scientist Cerebro. See below for some pictures of this little fella. Look at him. Isn’t he the cutest? Ahem. Um, I mean: Arrr!

A few days ago we added a new perk-level to the campaign – the codex. With this perk we want to give landlubbers a chance to step into the world of Freebooter’s Fate. The regular products of this perk (rulebook, game cards and crew starter) will be shipped right after the campaign ends, so new players can directly delve into the fun. The Legend character itself will be delivered in March next year at no additional cost for the contributor. We really meant that free postage thing.

Before I go, one more thing: At the halfway point of the campaign we will have a very special suprise for you. Why? Because that’s the kind of nice people we are. What is it? Mum’s the word. For now. Take another look at the campaign site this weekend if you want to know more.