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Freebooter's Fate New Release and Essen Teaser Update

Freebooter Miniatures is showing off the green for their next Freebooter's Fate release as well as a teaser for Spiel Essen.

From the update:

Spiel Essen is almost upon us but we will be squeezing in another regular just before then anyway. El Charro and Pujamen are the latest addition to the Goblin crew in Freebooter’s Fate, their daring acrobatics a useful addition to the pointy ears’ arsenal on the battlefield. The blister contains three figures: both characters individually and as piggy-backed double act. They will become available sometime next week.

Speaking of Spiel Essen, we have also posted another teaser picture on our website. Apart from yet more Freebooter miniature loveliness, can you tell what it is yet?