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Friday Snippets

We're getting there, people. We're getting there. The weekend is damn-near here. I've got a couple Guild Ball teams to put together. It's so close that our friends over in Australia are already there. Hello people in the future! How's the weekend starting out? Good, I hope. My you're up late.

Anyway, whether you're enjoying a midnight snack, some dinner (for those in, say, England), or an afternoon snack (those here in the Eastern part of the US), now's a good time for some bite-sized stories.

In this installment of Snippets we have: Win a C'thu Dice Bag From Tor Gaming, Fate of Akalon: Tribes Returning To Kickstarter Next Week, New Legionaries Vibro Talons Available From Kromlech, New 15mm Sci-Fi Minis Up On Kickstarter, Khurasan releases more 15mm Mutant Supersoldiers, Pacific Coast Creative Publishing To Release Age of the Wizard Lords RPG, DayTrippers Golden Age Coming Leap Day, and Counterblast Hero Builder Beta v.1 Available.

Win a C'thu Dice Bag From Tor Gaming


Win a C’thu Dice Bag!

Who, in their right mind, would not want a C’thu dice bag?? NO ONE! That’s who!

I have, sitting right here on my desk, the pre-production dice bag that we signed off as suitable for production – and it could be YOURS!

So, what are you waiting for?

Fate of Akalon: Tribes Returning To Kickstarter Next Week

Fate of Akalon

We are pleased to announce that Fate of Akalon: Tribes will be returning to Kickstarter on Tuesday February 23rd. Since our last Kickstarter we have kept our nose to the grindstone working on Fate of Akalon: Tribes, and the game is now print ready! When our Kickstarter relaunches, you will notice our funding level is lower than before, as we have absorbed the additional costs to finish the game. All we need now is to raise the funds for production and fulfillment of Fate of Akalon: Tribes. So we ask all our friends and fans to watch for us on Kickstarter on February 23rd!

New Legionaries Vibro Talons Available From Kromlech

today we have two new products for you.
New addition to our Legion armory.
Legionaries Vibro Talons - Left Arms
Legionaries Vibro Talons - Right Arms
best regards

New 15mm Sci-Fi Minis Up On Kickstarter


The AI Mech faction is the start of a new range of 15mm science-fiction models in the style of my favorite modellers; Kow Yokoyama, Makoto Kobayashi and Kazuhisa Kondo.

The range will be expanded in the future with both new and larger models. I also have planned Kickstarters for several other Alien races, some of which are already being sculpted.

The models will be cast in metal, the larger Heavy Support Tank in resin.

Khurasan releases more 15mm Mutant Supersoldiers

We are very pleased to expand our range of mutant soldiers for our 15mm "End Times" post-apocalyptic range. The existing mutant supersoldiers and warlord models are very popular and are often purchased in mutiples so we've had six more poses in order to enhance the pose variation in larger forces:

1) a set of three more mutant supersoldiers, mostly armed with improvised clubs

2) a set of mutant soldiers, the soldiers being not quite as massive as the supersoldiers, but still stronger and fiercer than a human, and all armed with firearms

Both new sets are available now, at the link provided.

Pacific Coast Creative Publishing To Release Age of the Wizard Lords RPG

Age of the Wizard Lords

The pen and paper roleplaying game, titled Age of the Wizard Lords, will feature additional game mechanics built using the SRD5 RPG system including an additional layer of magic mechanics, new races for the game, crafting, faction rules and even rules for influence and kingdom/empire-building. In addition to expanded RPG mechanics, the game will introduce a new setting for roleplayers designed to explore a more realistic depiction of magic and sorcery.

The game mechanics and setting will also introduce a larger franchise that will include game master campaigns, novels, setting expansions, and supplemental roleplaying materials.

DayTrippers Golden Age Coming Leap Day


DayTrippers Golden Age Adventures hits online stores in PDF format on Feb 29th, with the print edition following soon thereafter.

The book includes 16 roleplaying adventures based on "Golden Age" stories by well-known science fiction writers of the 1930s-50s, with original artwork by Gennifer Bone, Allan Dotson, Chella Faithe, David Guyll & Melissa Fisher, Enmanuel Martinez, Danny Prescott, Eric Quigley, Philip Rice, James Shields and Brannon Wright, as well as color maps by Tod Foley and cover art by Robert Petillo.

Counterblast Hero Builder Beta v.1 Available


The Hero Builder Beta for Counterblast is available for download. We want to hear what people think and would love to see them post some of their character builds on the Facebook group.

Counterblast will be getting a facelift later this year through Kickstarter with a full-sized color rulebook designated as DLX. It is not a second edition, but an expanded version of the existing game with the final hero builder rules, vehicle rules, and expanded campaign rules. Five new faction crew sets will be offered including all new printed cards.