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Friday Snippets

It's been a very busy morning here at CMON Expo 2016. But the phone needs a bit of time to charge, so I'm coming here to recharge as well. Time to fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today we have: Cheeky Parrot Games Bringing Hoard to Kickstarter Soon, Mage Company Posts Aether Captains Solo Rules, 28mm Spartans ArchFather Leonidas Available from Hitech Miniatures, Jingoro the robot and Golem Miniatures Birthday, Khurasan releases Late 16th C. artillery and Reiters, and Elsorin Frigate Miniature Now Available.

Cheeky Parrot Games Bringing Hoard to Kickstarter Soon


A mysterious young woman known only as Esmeralda arrived breathless at town hall yesterday afternoon. She claimed to have discovered a vast cavern filled with valuable objects, gold coins, and gems. Before she could collect many, a confrontation with a fellow adventurer caused her to trip over a treasure chest. To her horror, the clatter roused a dragon, which to that point she hadn’t noticed, who had been slumbering in the distance. “I’m lucky to have escaped with my life,” she declared. When onlookers expressed their skepticism at her improbable tale, she simply reached into the depths of her shawl, extracting a single emerald nearly as large as her hand.

In two weeks time, Cheeky Parrot Games opens the cavern and its fire-breathing denizen to all board game playing adventurers as it launches a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its next title. Hoard is a card game for two to four players with the theme of stealing and securing the most treasure sets before a dragon wakes.

Mage Company Posts Aether Captains Solo Rules

Aether Captains

We have completed the Solo Rules and are editing the final rulebook. As soon as it is ready we will post it online. The solo rules will apply only for the base game, not for the expansions. The expansions, as described on the main page, add new scenarios and ships for the War-Captains and alternative missions for the Navy Commander. The solo rules apply only for the Navy Commander since he is the one who defends the Grand Compact and the world of Arkady from the War-Captains.

The War-Captains control all the cities of the Grand Compact: Perium, Etherton, Antara, Easley, and Mavery. The Navy Commander has a specific number of rounds to set the cities free while facing the War-Captains.

Mutant Chronicles - Siege of the Citadel Coming To Kickstarter

Siege of the Citadel

Cabinet Entertainment & Modiphius Entertainment have unveiled Stefan Kopinski’s cover for the epic Siege of the Citadel Board Game which triumphantly returns with a major Kickstarter this summer.

New sculpts, New Double-sided Tiles, New Rules and New Creatures will bring the Siege of the Citadel core box screaming to life. This 2nd edition of the iconic techno fantasy board game returns with original designer Richard Borg (Memoir 44) once again on the frontline, with Kevin Wilson (Descent), and Eric Lang (Blood Rage) bringing up the troops.

28mm Spartans ArchFather Leonidas Available from Hitech Miniatures


Spartans ArchFather " Leonidas"
One - Multipart ( parts) 28mm scale miniature. This is high quality resin miniaturte. which come unpainted and requires assembly.
Feet to the eye dimension : 44 mm
1) Body 2) Left shoulder with hand 3 ) Right shoulder with arm 4) Spear 5) Shield 6) Plume 7) 400mm scenic base
40mm scenic base included

Jingoro the robot and Golem Miniatures Birthday
Note: NSFW images through the link

Jingoro is our second robot! He is great and 48mm tall!!

Golem Miniatures celebrates its first birthday.

For the occasion we set up a promotion:
2 packs are created:
A pack "survivors": Eva, Kate, Lucy and Jess are ready to fight monsters, aliens or zombies!
and a pack "anatomies" Eva, Kate, Lucy and Jess in nude version .... to dress up or leave unchanged em, it's your choice!

24 euros pack (reminder: the shipping is offered for orders of 48 Euros and more) :)

Khurasan releases Late 16th C. artillery and Reiters

We are pleased to add the next codes to our very popular 15mm Late 16th Century range -- a cannon and crew, and those universal mounted mercenaries of the period, the German Black Riders, both troopers and command.

We have a set of master gunners coming soon (as soon as we get them from the casters), then we will start releasing all the English codes for the Elizabethan period.

Available now.

Elsorin Frigate Miniature Now Available

Heragul Elsorin Mackerel Frigate

In the six months since the Surakari invaded the Empire, much has been learned about the performance of the Heragul Warships in prolonged space battles. The Surakari strategy of attacking in waves meant a single Heragul warship might be engaged in combat for a much longer period of time than intended. In the case of the Hammerhead, prolonged combat caused serious overheating problems with its engines and thrusters. In addition, its complex active armor system made repairs at civilian shipyards time consuming and difficult. Working overtime, the engineers at the ElSorin military shipyards found solutions to both of these problems and started producing a new variant of the Hammerhead and Mackerel Frigates.

This pewter / 3D printed miniature contains one Heragul ElSorin frigate that can be either be built as the Hammerhead Prime configuration or the Mackerel AA Configuration. The acrylic flight stand is also included. This miniature is an alternative sculpt and uses the normal Heragul Frigate rules.