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Friday Snippets

How's everyone doing today? Ready for the weekend? I think I'm gonna keep mine rather chill, just putting together the last of my friend's Guild Ball stuff. They're already assembled. They just need greenstuff work done on 'em (filling in some small gaps, filling in the base slots, stuff like that). Other than that... not much. Plan for Thanksgiving, I guess.

But as for right now, it's time to nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today we have: New D&D Icons of the Realms Miniatures Starter Set Now Available, Steamforged Previews Steamcon/Black Friday Sale, Confrontation Evolution Fan-Made Rules Posted, Wamp releases Master of Roots Bust, Ever wonder what Kriegsspiel Dice looked like?, Super Chibi Round 2 - Reboot Late Pledges now open, Final Days for Portable Paint Station On Kickstarter, New Numidian Infantry Available From Victrix, Spot It! Dobble Coming Next Year, New Releases Available From Hitech Miniatures, German Language Version of Thunderbirds Board Game Up On Spiele-Offensive, and Kromlech New Release: Human Skulls.

New D&D Icons of the Realms Starter Set Now Available


The new D&D Icons of the Realms Starter Set includes five returning characters from the previous version and one new hero for your game:

Gold Dwarf Cleric
Human Ranger
Sun Elf Wizard
Northland Fighter
Lightfoot Halfling Rogue
Wood Elf Druid (NEW)

All miniatures have new paint designs and will be sure to stand out on your tabletop.

Steamforged Previews Steamcon/Black Friday Sale


we have big news about Guild Ball products and accessories! As we’ve explained in earlier posts, Season 3 will debut at SteamCon with the release of Kick Off! and an early release of Season 3 Player Cards.

As we get ready to hit the Pitch for the new season, we have some Season 1 & 2 products that will no longer be available for purchase after SteamCon weekend.

Confrontation Evolution Fan-Made Rules Posted


Confrontation Evo, is an Italian cultural association without any economic earnings. Confrontation Evo is a FANMADE ruleset, created by players for help the Confrontation Wargame to survive at many years of terrible managing by the game creators. We love this game, and we want to play with it again, again and again. Thank you all for made it real.

Wamp releases Master of Roots Bust


Wamp is pleased to announce its latest miniature: Master of Roots.
a 1/12th scale bust sculpted by Olivier Bouchet.

Currently available on Pre Order with 20% off until the end of November

Ever wonder what Kriegsspiel Dice looked like?


Most wargamers today know that the ‘first’ wargame was Kriegsspiel. It was created by Von Reisswitz as a training tool for the Prussian Army in 1812-ish. Kriegsspiel is mostly known for its double blind, team play via Umpires. True but have you ever wondered how they resolved combat? Did they use CRTs? No. They used Kriegsspiel Dice!

Super Chibi Round 2 - Reboot Late Pledges now open


Missed out on Super Chibi Round 2 - Reboot? Don't worry starting this week late pledges have gone live on our site and will stay up till fulfillment. This way if you want a set of cool sci-fi chibi you can still get it.

Now, fulfillment is set for on or before March so you have time to get in on this amazing Kickstarter. So help spread the word!

Both Takata and Jaxx are scaled at 30mm, and will require assembly and painting and are cast in resin.

Final Days for Portable Paint Station On Kickstarter


It will keep your paints, tools, miniatures & other items safe during transport, and transforms into a complete work station within minutes.

It is designed so that during transport, nothing can fall out of the box.

Your paints are always in the same spot, no matter where you are, the optional daylight LED lamp makes you independent of light conditions and you have everything you need in one easy to carry box.

New Numidian Infantry Available From Victrix


• 24 figures per set.
• Choice of 48 heads with helmets and bare heads.
• Choice of arms for javelins, swords, musicians and standard bearers.
• Choice of round shields for skirmishers or oval scutums for formed units.
• Digitally designed meaning highly detailed figures.
• Great value at £17.95, cheaper than most metal sets and featuring better detail.

Spot It! Dobble Coming Next Year


Asmodee, a leading publisher and distributor of popular tabletop games, announced today that its record-selling icon matching game Spot it! is making its way to mobile devices to please all fans of the popular card game in the beginning of 2017. Co-developed by Virtuos Studio and Asmodee Digital, and published by Asmodee Digital, “Spot it! Dobble Challenges”, delivers a brand new digital adaptation of the hit family card game, offering exciting gameplay twists and vibrant new game modes designed for on-the-go fans in both single and multiplayer fun.

New Releases Available From Hitech Miniatures

A bunch of new products available :
- Cyborgeon XAV11
- Archfather NOCTURNUS
- Scribe Janus Sor
- female Dominator Sothis
Enjoy !

German Language Version of Thunderbirds Board Game Up On Spiele-Offensive


THUNDERBIRDS Co-operative Board Game is getting the special treatment with a German translation of the rules and cards. The crowdfunding campaign has got off to a flying start and is already 75% of target. We'd love your help getting the word out and supporting the project, so that all our German friends can share in the enjoyment of playing Matt Leacock's brilliant co-operative game.

Kromlech New Release: Human Skulls

today we have a new release which fits all kind of hobby projects. Since the time of Shakespeare it is the one of the most versatile object to work with.
I've heard that some people use many of those to build a throne but I do not know details of this strange habit ;)