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Friday Snippets

I technically have the day off today. Why? Because CMON went public on the Hong Kong stock exchange and they're giving us the day off to celebrate. But the news doesn't stop just because the office is closed. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor slush, shal keep me from giving you your news (ok, so maybe eating lots of food last week would keep me from doing it, but still...). Gonna be a bit shorter day today, but I still want to get you your bite-sized gaming stories. So let's get to it.

On the platter today, we have: Ramshackle Games Releases the Boom Wagon, Gods & Goddesses 5th edition supplement coming to Kickstarter in February, Kromlech New Release: Vehicle Hull Points Markers, Raging Heroes Sale Extended Through This Weekend, Aether Captains: Action Cards Update, Liam Games distributes MAGE Company in Israel, and Czacha Games to publish Polish Raid and Trade in 2017.

Ramshackle Games Releases the Boom Wagon

The new release from Ramshackle Games this week is the Boom Wagon. Its a rugged post apocalyptic off road dragster. Its a mobile cannon. What more could a wastelander want?

The model was submitted to me by the talented James Armstead. Ramshackle Games accept submissions from members of the public. We send copies of the model in exchange for rights to sell the model on our site. It is essentially a cost free casting service. So if anyone out there has any dreams of a squadron of their own design, please contact Ramshackle Games.

Gods & Goddesses 5th edition supplement coming to Kickstarter in February


We're excited to announce our 5E project coming soon to Kickstarter.
Conceptopolis has been contributing art to D&D for years now. Most of the monster illustrations from the 5E Monster Manual and Magic Item illustrations from the 5E DMG were by us. We love D&D!
Now we're bringing out our own 5E supplement and teaming up with Metal Weave Games who published the Ennie award winning Baby Bestiary. We hope that everyone can support us in a big way.
Thank you!

Kromlech New Release: Vehicle Hull Points Markers

Hi, today we have more acrylic goodies for you :) This time a "tool" to track vehicle lost hull points.
Vehicle Hull Points Markers
Vehicle Hull Points Markers

Raging Heroes Sale Extended Through This Weekend


Were you waiting for payday? You're not alone! That's why miniature gamers and collectors asked Raging Heroes to extend their insane deals, so they turned Cyber Monday into Cyber Week! The hottest wargaming deals of the galaxy just got extended to the end of the week!

You can save UP TO 47% OFF the entire shop! That's right, it's almost half price! Want a good tip? Take a look at their Army Packs, because it gives them an insane price drop, like 224,25 euros instead of 427 euros for the Iron Empire Annhilation Pack.

Aether Captains: Action Cards Update


As long the production of Aether Captains is in progress, it gives us the chance for a new update. Below you will be able to check the final Action cards:

It is easy to separate the Action cards among the players based on special characteristics. Those with the purple cube and the orange cube as well on the left are for the Navy Commanders (1-2 players). These cards also mention the corresponded ship they fit. That’s not all. Inside the white circle you can see how many Action Points an Action card costs. On the right side there is numbering sequence of the Action cards. This way you know how many Action cards are corresponded to each Navy Commander’s ship.

Liam Games distributes MAGE Company in Israel


Liam Games now distributes MAGE Company games in Israel. The collaboration between the two companies started with the distribution of the Cohort in the Israeli market. The Cohort is a fast-paced card game for 2-6 players, who race to be the first to assemble a Legion. This way you can show Caesar you are the greatest of his commanders.

Czacha Games to publish Polish Raid and Trade in 2017


Raid and Trade, a successful Kickstarter and one of the hit games of MAGE Company, now gets a Polish version through Czacha Games.

MAGE Company recently landed a collaboration with Czacha Games. Now Raid and Trade, War on the Streets and Cora have found their way to the Polish market.