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Friday Snippets

Man, no day has felt entirely "right" this week. Monday was an amalgam of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Tuesday was like a Monday. Wednesday was kinda like a Friday. Yesterday was like a Saturday, but a lot busier. Today's... still getting started, honestly. But it doesn't entirely feel like a Friday. I guess that's what happens when you bookend 2 days at the office with days working from home.
Well, one way that today is going to feel like a proper Friday is by serving up some bite-sized gaming stories. Also, pizza for dinner. But that's not until this evening.

Today on the platter we have: Quizmania Coming To Kickstarter, Donate and get a Free Book From Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Expedition RPG Launches Quest-Writing Competition, New Xyston Miniatures Releases Available, Wamp releases two new 1/12th Scale busts, Pipmen Playing Cards Up On Kickstarter, Ravage: Dungeons of Plunder Coming to Kickstarter, and New Legion Armoury Releases Available From Kromlech.

Quizmania Coming To Kickstarter

Quizmania - first tabletop party game with VR experience!

We do like tabletop games and technologies. Once we created the game that unites two of our passions. And now we are ready to show it to the world and launch the project on

Donate and get a Free Book From Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Lamentations of the Flame Princess is offering a free book to anyone who donates US$50 or more to the ACLU.

Offer is good for donations made from January 29 2017 onward.
One free book per person.
Offer good through February 2017, or until we give away 500 books, whichever comes first. (see our social media outlets for the running tally of how many book are left in the offer; if you make a donation and our offer has expired, there will be no refund, as the ACLU is not involved in this offer)
Any book available on the LotFP Webstore may be claimed for this offer

(yes, you can pick a t-shirt instead, and if we run out of a particular title you will be asked to pick another)
Email proof of your donation to along with your desired book and your shipping address.
You will not be added to any mailing list, your information won't be passed on, etc.

Expedition RPG Launches Quest-Writing Competition

Do you love RPGs? Do you love telling stories?

Expedition, the open-source tabletop RPG that raised $21,000 on Kickstarter, is launching a competition for writers and DM's to create the quest of their dreams. If your quest is chosen, you could win a signed battle axe!

New Xyston Miniatures Releases Available

It was long time till last newsletter, and we have a lot news for you, Marian Romans, new packaging and some WIP of up-coming Early Achaemenid Persians.

So let’s crack on!

Marian Romans
The long-awaited Romans, for this month we prepared two packs of them:

New packaging
The quality of our products is always important to us. Because of this, we decide to up-grade our trade packing. From now onwards, most of Xyston Miniatures available thru shops will be pack in nice small blister.
Our mail orders will be still send in plastic bags, to keep shipping cost for customers as low as possible.

On our workbench (aka “Design Studio”)
For those who follow us on our Facebook page, you probably know we just started some work on new Early Achaemenid Persians range. The head sculptor for this line will be John Robertson. We are aiming to release first packs later this year.
For the next month we are preparing another two packs of premium quality 15mm figures, and a nice surprise for all our newsletter subscribers.

That’s all for this month, more nice stuff coming soon!

Wamp releases two new 1/12th Scale busts (note: bare breasts through link)

Wamp has just released a couple of demonic female busts both sculpted by Lee Jae Chi

In stock now

Pipmen Playing Cards Up On Kickstarter

Pipmen: World features fun little stick figures interacting with the suit symbols on the front of each card to create unique scenes. But when all the cards are laid together in sequence, all the individual images join together to make a larger picture of the Pipmen's World! No other deck has ever done this - making a functional deck of playing cards than can also be used as a giant puzzle.

Ravage: Dungeons of Plunder Coming to Kickstarter

Talented artist Ian Schofield has been designing an anti-hero dungeon crawl where you play orcs fighting for teef! His Kickstarter launches next week so sign up to be the first to hear

New Legion Armoury Releases Available From Kromlech

today we have some new releases :)
Six new products for Legion Armoury

Legionary Sentry Gun: Twin Magma Cannon
Legionary Sentry Gun: Magma Cannon with Searchlight
Legionary Sentry Gun: Twin Searchlight
Legionary APC turret: Twin Magma Cannon
Legionary APC turret: Magma Cannon with Searchlight
Legionary APC turret: Twin Searchlight