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Friday Snippets

Well, it's finally Friday. Seems like it's taken forever. Also, who wants to take bets on me clocking out this evening and then suddenly feeling like I'm clocking in on Monday morning? You know weekends never work like the work week. It's going to just go by in a flash, I'm sure. Well, so I have enough energy to get through the rest of the day and then to zip through the weekend, I should load up on bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Paymaster Games launches Aztec Kickstarter, KaYo Miniatures Running Clown Army 28mm Miniatures Kickstarter, Dhovaine RPG on the horizon for Higher Grounds, Wu Wei hits Kickstarter on March 20th, New Quad Lascannon From Kromlech, Final Days for Dragon Empire Army Up On Kickstarter, One Page Rules Releases Battle Sisters and Dark Elves Lists, Sword Art Online the Boardgame: Sword of Fellows Coming To Kickstarter, Brigade Models Release New 6mm PacFed, Imperial Agents Weekend Promo From Kromlech, and Rebel Minis Releases New Sci-Fi Horror Packs.

Paymaster Games launches Aztec Kickstarter

Paymaster Games is launching its latest Kickstarter, Going Native: Aztecs the Kings of War. The goal for this campaign is to provide models for historical and fantasy gamers and collectors. Along with the huge selection of historical warrior model, we are also providing several models based on the mythical creatures that are found in Aztec Folklore.

KaYo Miniatures Running Clown Army 28mm Miniatures Kickstarter

Hello my friends. This is KaYo. I'm tackling an old story I wrote many years ago. "The Legend of the Red Nose" coming of age story set in a world of clowns.

This Kickstarter will help with the production of 5 adventurers and one enemy. 6 miniatures in total of 28mm

Dhovaine RPG on the horizon for Higher Grounds

It looks like Higher Grounds will be launching another amazing Kickstarter this March for Dhovaine RPG. The game itself seeks to bring the feeling of playing a great console rpg directly to your tabletop! With automatic character growth, the more you use a skill, weapon or power, the better it gets. The crafting system is extensive, and let's your create just about every item that exists in the game! With enough boss fights and loot drops to keep even the most experienced treasure seeker and dungeon crawler satisfied! It features a unique Three6 Engine that is inspired y the humble d6 and uses a GURPS style "roll over" mechanic.

It looks like Dhovaine is going where no tabletop role-playing game has gone before.

Look for the Dhovaine RPG Kickstarter this March!

Wu Wei hits Kickstarter on March 20th

In this tabletop adventure, martial arts masters secretly train students to become lineage holders while an ambitious new emperor tries to unify his people under one banner.
Deeply rooted in Chinese philosophy and martial arts strategy, this game carries with it the concepts of yin and yang, the four seasons, chi (energy), and the eight directions.

New Quad Lascannon From Kromlech

today we have released another version of our Heavy Weapon Platform.
This time a version which is perfect against enemy vehicles or "hard to kill" targets.

Legionary Heavy Weapon Platform: Quad Lascannon

Final Days for Dragon Empire Army Up On Kickstarter

If you’ve ever wanted your wargame army to look like far eastern ancient warriors, then visit our Kickstarter! There are only a few days left to back and receive the special pledges and their unlocked stretch goals! Will you choose the Samurai Pledge or maybe the Dragon Pledge?

It's up to you, but remember... without an army you cannot conquer!

One Page Rules Releases Battle Sisters and Dark Elves Lists

Today we are bringing back two awesomely aggressive armies, the Battle Sisters and the Dark Elves. There have been many new miniature makers that have released female warrior models in the past few years, and we are excited to see what kind of models people will be bringing to the table.

Sword Art Online the Boardgame: Sword of Fellows Coming To Kickstarter

Japanime Games is pleased to announce that they will be running a Kickstarter campaign for Sword Art Online The Board Game: Sword of Fellows in late March 2017. This exciting new title has been designed by renowned game designer Mr. Seiji Kanai, designer of 'Love Letter' and 'R-Rivals.’

Players will take on the role of their favorite heroes from the animated series trapped in Sword Art Online’s world of Aincrad. Using sword chain attacks, potions, and equipment cards, players will face a series of deadly enemies on their journey to escape from their virtual imprisonment.

Brigade Models Release New 6mm PacFed

For a while now we've been working away at giving our Pacific Federation 6mm forces a bit of a makeover to match their 15mm cousins. The overall configuration of each vehicle hasn’t changed, but the original designs have all been replaced by sharper, more detailed versions. All of the existing vehicles have been updated along with 6mm versions of the Raeside utility vehicle, and the PacFed also gain two new company packs.

Most (although not all) of the old versions will continue to be available as long as the moulds hold out in case you have an existing PacFed force and want to add to it.

SF300-701 – Cougar Grav Tank – £1.00
SF300-701a – Tiger AA Tank – £1.00
SF300-702 – Komodo Heavy Grav Tank – £1.50
SF300-703 – Wombat Grav APC – £0.80
SF300-705 – Bennelong Command Vehicle – £1.50
SF300-705a – Bilby Radar Vehicle – £1.50
SF300-706 – Ocelot Light Grav Tank – £0.80
SF300-707 – Quoll Grav Scout – £1.00
SF300-708 – Tanami Self-Propelled Gun – £1.00
SF300-708a – Kakadu Rocket Launcher – £1.00
SF300-709 – Minigwal Fast Attack Vehicle – £0.80
SF300-710 – Koala Heavy Attack Vehicle – £1.00
SF300-710a – Koala-M Missile Vehicle – £1.00
SF300-712 – Raeside Grav Utility Vehicle – £0.50
SF300-712b – Raeside Grav Pick-up – £0.50
SF300-712c – Raeside Scout – £0.50
SF300-712d – Raeside with Missiles – £0.50

IC-701 – PacFed Strike Team – £36.00
IC-711 – PacFed Tank Company – £14.00
IC-712 – PacFed Infantry Company – £9.50
IC-713 – PacFed Artillery Company – £14.25
IC-714 – PacFed Strike Group- £8.00
IC-715 – PacFed Scout Company – £9.25

Imperial Agents Weekend Promo From Kromlech

this weekend we have for you
Four heroes of the Imperial forces with 20% discount till the end of Sunday.

Paulus von Phyrra, Imperial Preacher
Inquisitor Ingrid von Schwarzheim
Sister Herja from the Convent of Psychic Warfare
and mysterious Lady Hellena/blockquote>

Rebel Minis Releases New Sci-Fi Horror Packs

Rebel Minis is proud to announce the release of two new Sci-Fi/Modern Packs, the Bellsaw Thug and Pigskin! Perfect for your Modern Sci-Fi or Horror games, these models are sure to grab attention!

The 28mm Bellsaw Thug is all metal and comes with a base. Supplied unpainted and retails for $7.99

28mm Pigskin is all metal and comes with a base. Supplied unpainted and retails for $6.99