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Frostgrave Nickstarter Deals Going On Now

Frostgrave is getting some new releases for it. Brigade Games and Sally 4th are teaming up to get you some great deals as part of their Nickstarter program. Yes, Nickstarter and not Kickstarter. Because, while they're not over on Kickstarter looking for funding and such, they do have stretch goals based on pre-orders made for the game. The more pre-orders, the more gets unlocked. Hence, Nickstarter.

Also like a Kickstarter, there are different "funding levels" that you can join in on. Basically, they're different pre-order sets that you can get. Pick out the one you want, send in your order, and your total will be added to the Nickstarter total. See? Just like a Kickstarter campaign but for pre-orders. You can get a look at some of the different levels above. The campaign runs until November 2nd.