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Frostgrave - Special 'Nickstarter Pre-Order Program' Running

Osprey Publishing and Northstar Military Figures are teaming up to take you to the frozen land of Nador... I mean Frostgrave, with a new fantasy skirmish wargame. In Frostgrave, players are playing as wizards who form up bands of followers who then roam the streets, looking for various lost, and powerful, magic items. Each wizard comes from one of the various wizard schools and can learn up to 80 different spells.

Frostgrave minis

The game is meant to be quick to play, which each one lasting just an hour or so. However, there's a heavy element of campaign play thrown in. That's where the true depth of Frostgrave shows through. There's treasure tables, establishing bases, and even wandering monsters that could turn your street fight on its ear. Plus, there's loads of different scenarios to try out.

Northstar is running a "Nickstarter," which is sort of like a pre-order with unlockables. As people order, the overall total goes up. As the total goes up, more new things become available. (Mad Robot sometimes does stuff like that as well).
You have until June 29th to get in on the action, and things should start shipping out in July.