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Gale Force Nine Previews Dalek's Turn In Time of the Daleks

We've seen a lot of different previews about how the different Doctors work in Time of the Daleks, the new Doctor Who board game coming from Gale Force Nine. But what about the Doctor's greatest nemesis, the Daleks (whose own greatest enemy is a flight of stairs)? How do the Daleks work and what will cause them to win the game? We get a look at that here in this preview.

From the preview:

Dalek Turn
After the last Doctor has had their turn, before starting the next round the Daleks have their turn.

Advance Dalek Ship
At the start of the Dalek turn, move the Dalek Ship forward one space on the Web of Time track.

Time Anomalies
Any time the Dalek Ship lands on or moves through a space containing a Time Anomaly marker, remove the Time Anomaly marker and draw a Time Anomaly card. The Doctors should deal with these quickly, as they will make their tasks more difficult.

Have the Daleks Won?
The Daleks win and the game ends if:
the Dalek Ship has reached Gallifrey, the last space on the Web of Time track, or
there are three Dalek markers on Earth.

Has a Doctor Won?
If the Daleks did not win, any Doctor that has reached Gallifrey, the last space on the Web of Time track, wins and saves all of Time and Space from the Daleks.