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Game Nite Magazine Issue 20 Now Available

It would seem as though this week is a popular one for new issues of gaming magazines. It certainly is alright with me. Now I know what I can do during the long weekend. I can happily digest all the great info within the pages. This time around, we've got Game Nite Magazine. As always, this issue is filled with helpful info such as interviews with game designers, reviews, and more. You can download your copy, for free, now.

In this issue:

This month's 71 page issue features an interview with game designer, Phil Walker-Harding (Imhotep, Sushi Go, Barenpark, and Cacao). Premiering this issue is the first part of a multi-part series on Board Game Photography. This will be covering various aspects of photography as it pertains to board games. Our book review for this month is "GameTek: The First Ten Years" by Geoff Engelstein. The Mobile Review features "The Brink of War" and the other expansions currently available for Android and iOS for the "Race for the Galaxy" app. This issue's Top 10 is Android board game apps. Plus, game reviews and other game related features. …and as always, FREE!


Update: the original post incorrectly said that 19 was the new issue. The new issue is 20. The headline and the cover photo have been corrected.