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Gangfight Games Gazette #1 Posted

Gangfight Games has posted their Games Gazette #1 up online for your reading pleasure. In this inaugural issue, they talk about how happy they are to have Mechadrome already shipped to backers (a month ahead of schedule) and how all the models are now available over in their webshop. Along with that, they give us a look into Bad Lands, their cooperative board game set in the Blackwater Gulch universe. The game is a survival horror type, where you and your fellow players must make it past werewolves and chupacabras and other such fun beasties. They've got a preliminary website up for it that you can check out as well.


From the post:

Howdy Folks!

I hope every had a great holiday. 2014 was a very busy year and that's certainly not going to change in 2015! So here's an update on what we've been up to lately.
Mechadrome shipped over a month ahead of schedule. I'm very proud to have run a kickstarter that delivered early instead of late for a change :) All of the models are available now in our online store at!

We will be doing some new sculpts soon, though probably not until around May or June. This is because we've been really busy working on our next game. I mentioned it last time, but here's the semi official announcment:

As you might remember, we've been working on the Blackwater Gulch board game for quite a while, previously called Blackwater Gulch Adventures. After getting lots of feedback from many of you I decided to switch the format back to the original "weird west" setting, and now we have Bad Lands.It's a co-op survival game where you form a posse defending the town from an onslaught of vicious skinwalkers (werewolves, etc) and other folklore creatures like chupacbras and not-so-cute jackalopes. You can play as a stand-alone game where you just kill monsters and get loot, or do ongoing campaigns. You can use the heroes right out of the box, or minis from Blackwater Gulch, or create your own heroes from scratch.

I'm pretty excited about it, it's great fun to see it all finally coming together after all this time. I have a prototype that I had printed up that should be arriving soon, then I'll do a how to play video and show it off more. I'll be running a Kickstarter campaign around the end of the month, or the beginning of February. I'm still waiting for some more artwork to get done first.

You can head on over to the temp website to check it out and download the latest rules. I'm also in the middle of transitioning over to a new web server, so I'm not going to make an official announcement for the game around the web until my URLs get all updated, probably next week some time.

That should do it for now. Thanks again for all your support and I'll send another email out as soon as the new Kickstarter is ready to go!