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GCT Studios Previews Okyo Ashigaru For Bushido

Along with the various heroes and creatures that you can use in Bushido, you shouldn't overlook some of the nameless troopers that can help fill out your force. They might not be as good a sorcerer or swordsman, but they can help out with completing objectives and tying up enemy pieces. The Ito Clan is looking to get a pair of Okyo Ashigaru in the next wave of releases.
They also give us an update about how The Pioneers Program is coming along.

From the preview:

Ashigaru are the mainstay of the houses of Jwar, making up the bulk of all the major and minor clans’ military forces. As one would expect they personify the teachings and martial practices of their lords. The Bear are strong and tough, the Dragon, drilled and brave and the Snake cowardly but cunning. Using their numbers to their advantage when fighting as a unit they are a formidable foe.