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GKR: Heavy Hitters Up On Kickstarter

Long-time readers of TGN know that I love giant robots. At Gen Con this past year, one of the booths I came across was Weta Workshop and their GKR: Heavy Hitters game. The game really caught my attention, especially since GKR stands for "Giant Killer Robots" and all. They had said they were going to launch a Kickstarter to fund their game. Well, it's on now!

From the campaign:

GKR: Heavy Hitters is a standalone, deck-building tabletop game for 2-4 players, combining high-quality collectibles with dice-rolling, card-building and tactical play! Pilot your Heavy Hitter (the biggest, baddest robot on the board) and a squad of three Support Units through the ruins of an old city, competing to either wipe your opponent off the map or reduce four skyscrapers to rubble.

The Kickstarter is going now and is set to run for 30 days.