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Greenbrier Games Taking Pre-Orders for Grimslingers

The American West has all sorts of legends and lore associated with it. It's a time and place set apart from others, and it's a setting that's ripe for use in gaming. It's also very easy to meld into your own thing. Well, Greenbrier Games has done that, giving us a steampunk-weird West-magical sort of place for Grimslingers, a new card game they're taking orders for now.

In the game, players are Grimslingers, created by the Iron Witch for purposes known only to it. The Iron Witch is now making his creations fight one-another in order to see who is the best. The game is a card game that has two different styles of play. You can either go head-to-head in a 2-6 player versus mode, or form your own posse in a 1-4 co-op mode. There's even a campaign to go with the co-op mode.

Pre-orders are being taken now until June 28th. You can even pick up your game at Gen Con, if you want, and save on shipping.