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Grenade Punch Games launches Neon Sanctum RPG Kickstarter

Grenade Punch Games has launched a Kickstarter for Neon Sanctum, their new card-driven sci-fi RPG game and setting. The cards are designed to help in every aspect of the game, from character stats, to gear, to special moves. As such, it's very easy to get new players into the game. You can download the playtest pdf of the rules from the Kickstarter campaign page to check them out for yourself before you jump in with a pledge (if you so choose).
The campaign will be running for the next 32 days.

From the campaign:

Neon Sanctum is roleplaying with cards in a cyberpunk world. The cards are used to represent all the things players would expect in a traditional roleplaying game (RPG). A character's skills, their cybernetic implants, the items they use and even the characters they meet are all brought to life by the beautiful artwork found on our cards.

Neon Sanctum is a great first step into the immersive world of RPGs for those who are familiar with board and card games while still providing depth and challenge of a traditional, tactical RPG. The core box comes with everything a new RPG group might need, including, rules, dice, a campaign, setting and of course our unique cards.

The game is so close to being complete, but we need help raising the funds to add the final touches, print and ship the product to our players.
Core Ideas

-Accessible - The use of cards makes the game really accessible for those who have never played an RPG before. Anyone can look at a character and understand their abilities just by looking at the artwork and names of the cards.

-Flexible - The simple mechanics are flexible, allowing players to try outrageous moves and the DM (Deckmaster, a player who runs the game) to let them do it. Also having a deck of NPC's (non-player characters) at hand enables the DM respond quickly when players take the story somewhere unexpected.

-Tactical - While accessible, the game is still tactical, with players having multiple ways of completing their objectives. The cards you use have a huge impact on how effective your characters can be.

-Depth - While the game is easy to learn, veteran players can dig deeper. For example, at character creation players decide what cards to take, allowing them to craft devastating combos.

-Beautiful - Putting the artwork on the tactile cards means that the world of Neon Sanctum is on the gaming table, not stuck in a book. This helps to create an immersive game world.