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Heroes of Normandie from Devil Pig Games up on Kickstarter

Devil Pig Games launched their Kickstarter in order to fund their WWII-inspired Heroes of Normandie game.

From the campaign:

A few years ago, we set the galaxy on fire with "Frontiers".Time has come now to offer you the next step of "Frontiers" evolution...

"Heroes of Normandie", a game of heroic tactical warfare inspired by Hollywood world war II movies (with blood, guts and devil pigs...).

The time is summer 1944. The Sun shines on Normandie hedgerows (yes, we write it Normandie and not Normandy because we are damn french). Gentle wind, carpets of bright flowers, and in the background, the romantic staccato of machine gun fire in the morning. In those so typical Normandie’s landscapes, thousands of men are about to fight. And die. Bravely like heroes, or cowardly like wussies.

Here at Devil Pig Games, we don’t give a shit about wussies. We are only concerned by heroes, those you see in holywood golden age’s war movies : A bridge too far, The longest day, Dirty Dozen, Patton, Kelly’s heroes and, more recently, Save Private Ryan, Band of Brothers and Inglorious Basterds.

Here lies our inspiration, here is what we have to offer : blood and guts.

We took "Frontiers" basic system and gave it a twitch or two. This system got its success in it’s time thanks to its raw efficiency and many players enjoyed countless games of galactic rampage. But we wanted to give it more simplicity in some of its basics, and depth in its playability (easier said than done).
We will give you rhythm, we will give you explosive battles, we will give you the pleasure to butcher your enemies through MG42 walls of lead and to crush nazi bastards under tons of shells.

We endured years of hard work (6 years to say the truth), thoughts, doubts, P500 or not ? Self edition ? Then came Kickstarter, such a f… good idea that we decided to give it a try and exploit it shamelessly.