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iello Announces Kitara Board Game

The land has been torn asunder by war. Different regions have been carved out. But each looks to reunite it under one banner. Whose armies will be triumphant in the end and whose kingdom will rule them all? That's up to you to decide in Kitara, a new strategy board game coming this October from iello.

From the website:

Kitara is a game of conquest, based on army movement and the control of territories. Powered by an innovative and ingenious hand management system, Kitara is as accessible as it is deep.

Each turn you will add cards to your kingdom. Each card allows you to perform multiple actions; the ability to draw more cards, recruit soldiers, heroes and centaurs, and move to invade neighboring territory.

As you accumulate cards you become more powerful, and with that power comes the accumulation of prosperity points. Each card you possess represents a part of the Kingdom which must be nourished. If you can’t support them all, which part of the Kingdom will you sacrifice? Can you develop the skills it takes to move your armies, and conquer the land you’ll need to feed them all?

Can you be patient and fearless? Can you be cunning when you must, but reckless when it suits you?

Conquer, manage your resources, search the ruins and recruit legendary soldiers in this intense and rhythmic strategy game!

Kitara is a game of conquest by Eric B. Vogel, illustrated by Miguel Coimbra.