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Impact! keeps breaking stretch goals on Kickstarter for Chibi Dungeon Adventures

Impact! Miniatures has updated their Kickstarter with more goodies such as new bases and some new models added to the pack.

From the update:

Quick update ... we had a great suggestion from backer Mo (thanks Mo!) so that people who were looking forward to using some picks to get bases can do so.

If you want to use a TYPE I pick from reward level OVERLORD, WARRIOR, BOSS MONSTER, KINGMAKER and QUEEN MO to get a pack of 9 22mm bases or 4 46mm bases, you just need to add $2 for each pick you want to use to get bases instead of a TYPE I miniature.

This will allow any backer who say wanted 45 22mm bases to get them for $10 and 5 TYPE I picks from their reward level instead of having to add $20 on to their reward level to get the bases.

Hope this helps makes the KickStarter more flexible for those that really wanted to get the bases to make their miniatures look better.

Oh and one other question we had ... the miniatures do not come pre-based. They will all come with seperate bases from the miniature.