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Impact! Miniatures Running Chibi Dungeon Monster 2 Kickstarter

Impact! Miniatures took a bit of a break from them for a while, but now they've launched another Kickstarter campaign. This time it's expanding their Chibi Dungeon Monster range. And it seems people are excited about it, since they've already made it up and over their funding goal. It certainly helps that there's an art book as well as a new RPG game to go along with the minis.

From the campaign:

This is our FIFTH chibi miniatures project. At conventions we are frequently asked when we will be making more core fantasy miniatures. So we wanted to use this KickStarter to expand this line. We are starting with a baker's dozen of new miniatures to bring in a mix of new dungeon monsters. This is a small set but we already have plans for being able to expand it with stretch goals.

We want your feedback, so please leave comments. We plan to engage our backers and would love ideas for dungeon monsters that you think need to be stretch goals.

Stretch Goals

#1 - $9500 - Axeman miniature included in the point list figures as a 5 point miniature.

#2 - $10000 - Free extra points! 1 point added to Bugbear, 2 points added to Troll, 3 points added to Warlord, 4 points added to Sorceress, 6 points to Lich and 12 points to Elder Dragon.

#3 - $11000 - Bat swarm miniature included in the point list figures. 4 for 10 points and 6 for 15 points.

#4 - $12000 - Fight! (Backers choice between swarm Chibee and the Dryad (see update #2))