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Introducing USAopoly’s Retailer Support Program

Most of us have an LGS. Hopefully, it's a good one. The game stores that dot this planet are what keep the gaming community going. I know I wouldn't've probably continued with gaming if I'd not had some absolutely awesome shops that I gladly called my second home. Retailers and companies want to have a good relationship so that everyone benefits. So that brings us to USAopoly coming out with a new Retailer Support Program.

From the announcement:

USAopoly is excited to announce our new Retailer Support Program! This program will give support to retailers to promote and sell the releases from USAopoly. We want to empower retailers to promote our new and continuing games with marketing assets to either host local game nights, create awareness in store and online, and generate excitement for our products with fans of all ages.

As a part of the program, those who sign up will be receive complimentary retailer support kits with promotional items. These promotional items will include an assortment of buttons, posters, postcards, window clings, digital and social media assets, bookmarks and promo cards for our products at no cost!

We will be sending these kits out once per quarter starting in July.