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Iron Inquisition Added To Rum & Bones Kickstarter

Arr, mateys! Give me timbers a coat and a cup o' soup, because they be cold. They be shiverin'!
And I be standin' behind that joke all the way.
Standin' behind it because when ye be throwin' the tomatoes, they be hittin' the joke.
Ok, enough of that. The Iron Inquisition, a new faction, has been added to the Rum & Bones Kickstarter.

This new add-on gives you the figures, the cards, the tide deck, and a new ship. Plus, that's a Kickstarter-exclusive captain to help nudge you in the direction of getting it. Now, I wouldn't think wearing a bunch of metal armor while out at sea is the best idea, but I guess during a boarding action, having a bit of added protection wouldn't be a bad thing. The Tide Deck for the Iron Inquisition is all about protecting your heroes, whether through healing, or divine retribution when they're hit.

I bet nobody saw this update coming!
Ok, required joke still fit in there.

Still 13 days left to go in the campaign.