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Jasco Games updates about upcoming rules for Mega Man board game

Jasco Games has been working hard on their Mega Man Board Game over on Kickstarter. They've posted an update about how things are going along.


From the update:

Greetings Mega Man Fans,

Matt Whitaker (co-designer) and Jason Hawronsky (lead designer) have been spending the last 5 days doing some intensive testing and game upgrades to Mega Man The Board Game. We have been listening very closely to our fan's comments and suggestions which lead Jason to stay up until 4:00am on Tuesday to update the game rules to include real dice in the game instead of dice numbers printed on the game cards.

The new game mechanics have been under internal testing during this time and we are very pleased with the results! So thank you to our fans and backers for the advice and helping us improve an already fun game. We can't make any promises but we expect to stick with the revisions.

Because of the game mechanic change, we have been slightly delayed on creating a Game Play video, but hope to have one ready as soon as possible to show you how Mega Man The Board Game will change table tops everywhere.

We will continue testing tomorrow (without our co-designer, as he will be visiting his family in Kansas for the holidays and then heading back home to Indiana). Thank you Matt for making the 17 hour drive to play test with us this week!

-Your Jasco Games Team