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Knuckleduster Miniatures Releases Desperado Rules

Saddle up your horse and get ready to ride. Head into town with your six-guns a-blazin' in Desperado. The game, originally released in 1992, is getting a new lease on life via Knuckleduster Miniatures. This new book is just full of old west goodness to get you shooting down the bad guys. Tumbleweeds sold separately.

This new version of the game is presented in a 66-pgae full-color book. There's plenty of easy-reference charts and painting guides. The old rules for the game are presented in their entirety, but there's also a large amount of house rules that've been added to the game in the past two decades (yeah, 1992 was over 20 years ago. Think on that for a bit, all you old timers like myself).

You can pick up your copy now, along with all sorts of wild western minis from Knuckleduster's webshop.