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Krosmaster Arena 2.0 Available Tomorrow

The Year of New Editions continues to roll along, updating much-loved games and bringing them to new levels with updated mechanics, cleaned-up rules, rebalanced features, and more. Another new edition of a game will be available tomorrow. Ankama and CMON will be bringing you Krosmaster Arena 2.0.


This new set is a great place for anyone who is interested in jumping on the Krosmaster bandwagon. It comes with eight exclusive figures from the DOFUS movie. Create your team of heroes and battle against your opponents using unique special abilities for each combatant on a modular 3D game board. As you fight, you'll come across upgrades to further enhance your abilities. The game supports multiple styles of play, from straight competitive, to teams, to free-for-alls. Will your models be the triumphant ones at the end of the game?

As I mentioned, you'll be able to pick up your copies tomorrow.