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Last Week for Deadzone Kickstarter

Mantic is in their final week for their Deadzone Kickstarter campaign. To help that sprint to the end, they've added in a stretch goal that, if passed, will ad a Faction Booster, for free, to any Quarantine-level pledge. Who doesn't love free minis? I know I love free minis. The Faction Booster gets more options into your force creation with specialists of all sorts.

From the campaign:

Lots of you have asked for more in your pledge levels, and we want to give you more. So, having moved a few things around, when we hit this stretch goal, we will unlock Deadzone: Infestation spec Faction Boosters, and you will be able to pick one FREE in a pledge of Quarantine!

A Faction Booster is a great value bundle of miniatures designed to offer you more specialists, more choice and more variety for your faction, whether you want more figures for your Veer-myn or Enforcers