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Latest Pre-Orders from Spartan Games Posted Online

Spartan Games added a whole slew of new pre-orders available up on their website. They have various Dystopian Wars sets, including one with a steam-mechanical alligator (which is pretty awesome if you ask me). There's various bomber sets coming for Dystopian Legions. There's also a trio of Planetfall kits, including a gigantic 6-legged sort of space-rhino thing with a whole command center on its back.
There's 18 of them (new releases, that is), total, to check out.

From the announcement:

After months of speculation the Leviathans for the alien forces in Firestorm Planetfall are unveiled! Fans of Dystopian Wars eager to get their hands on the Heavy Bombers, will be pleased to hear Bombardment Groups are being made available for every major force, promising to add more excitement to your games. For Dystopian Legions, the Empire of the Blazing Sun and Federated States of America get a host of 2.0 compatible boxed sets.