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Mage Company running Hoyuk: Anatolia Kickstarter

Mage Company brings you more tribal action with their Kickstarter campaign for Hoyuk: Anatolia. With new Achievements like finding a water supply, throwing a feast, and creating Artifacts, Hoyuk: Anatolia continues the fun and feel of Hoyuk into a new era.
The campaign is around $500 from their goal, but with still 22 days left to go on the clock.


From the campaign:

The world is moving into a new era and now more than ever the clans work for the progress and the evolution of their community. Everyone tries to find new ways to make their lives better, new means to grow their lands, constructions and artifacts that create an easier life.

In Anatolia the players must prove their quality through three different Achievements: to create a Water Supply System for their village so the water can reach their land, to throw the best Fest in the valley, and finally to build two Artifacts!