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"Make Your Own Model" Pledge Level Added to Traazorite Kickstarter

Have you ever had an idea for a mini for one of the games you play and really, really, really wished you could get it made? Well, the fine fellows over at DGS Games are letting you do just that for Freeblades as part of their Traazorite Kickstarter campaign. They've added in a new pledge level where you can make whatever figure you like (within reason, of course).

This new pledge level, which is $700, will let you work with the design team on creating a new human-sized figure for the Traazorite faction. You'll also get two masters of the model, one of them painted by the DGS studio painters. The character will also get a 3-5000 word story (that's 3 thousand to 5 thousand. Not "3 words to 5000 words") in the new book. It's abilities will include a new talent that's not been in the game before.

The campaign has just over 2 weeks left to go if you want to get in on the action.