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Mantic posts up their Loka stretch goal road map

Mantic has mapped out the stretch goals for their Loka: Fantasy Chess campaign. Let's see how many they can get through (all would be a nice place to start).

From the update:

Last night we achieved the unthinkable – the Earth Chess Set got tooled!

With this goal passed, not only does it unlock the Earth Chess Set as the second LOKA army, but it also added a whole heap of models to Bishops ($50) and Knight ($100), making Bishop total worth over $100 with 41 figures and Knight worth over $180 with 79 miniatures!!

Safe in the knowledge that we’re able to fund the two Chess Sets, we’ve laid out the roadmap for the next couple of stretch goals, taking us up to the point where we can fund all four sides.

Check out Ronnie’s full update here for details.