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Mantic unboxes the Loka box set

Mantic takes a look at the Loka box set and shows you what's inside in their blog post.


From the article:

LOKA is the new Game of Elemental Strategy from Alessio Cavatore, River Horse and Mantic Games. It takes the core concepts of chess and expands them with a variety of changes, creating a tactical two-on-two team game with customisable forces, dice duels and on-board terrain!

The game was very successful on Kickstarter earlier in the year, more than quadrupling its funding goal, and now it's being shipped to backers. Soon it will be shipped to retailers and anyone who pre-ordered from the Mantic webstore, so James at Mantic took the chance to unbox a copy on the Mantic blog.

Check it out and pre-order your copy today!