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May Releases Now Available From CMON

The month is coming to an end, but there's still time to get some new releases on your gaming tables. In this case, we have CMON's. There's Dragon Castle, where you use materials from a crumbling castle build a fantastic new one. Then there's Way of the Panda, where the Panda Clans have decided to retake their homeland from ninja invaders. And then there's Council of 4, where merchants are creating trading empires across the kingdom.

From the release:

The days are getting warmer and it’s enough to make people consider setting off on new adventures. The open road is calling and those with curiosity in their heart will answer. Whether they are interested in building a new palace to attract people to their realm, or they’re simply looking to set up an economic empire, or returning to their homeland and restoring it to its former glory, the path leads outside their door. Today, CMON is introducing three new games to your FLGS that offer a chance at a new beginning.