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McVey Studios shows $120k Kickstarter stretch goal

Sedition Wars is up over $100k and climbing. Here's what's in store if they hit $120k.

From the update:

What a week it's been! The Kickstarter campaign launched last Friday and to our complete amazement we have passed the $100K mark already. We have passed several strech goals along the way - giving the game more variation in the minaitures you get, and converting the Infetion and Deflection Shield counters to plastic clip on tokens for the bases. We have also converted the paper nano counters to fancy transparent green plastic.
Along with that - everyone who pledged at the Biohazzrd level ($100) or above, will get an additional 12 vanguard troopers!

The next stretch goal is $120K, and if we hit that Biohazard pledgers will also get 12 additional Strain Phase 1 and Phase 2 miniatures.