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Metal King Studio Releases Relicblade 2-Player Starter Set

Metal King Studio is jumping onto the 2-player starter set bandwagon. They've released their two-player starter set for Relicblade. So you and a buddy can get started right away. Or you can pick up a set and use it to teach others to play.

The set is rather comprehensive. You get a quick start guide, as well as a rulebook. You get all the character, upgrade, and relic cards you need to play, as well as all the tokens required. There's also a pair of reference cards so you don't have to go flipping through the rulebook too much. There's also 13 metal miniatures inside, including a knight, cleric, druid, and a cave bear (obviously my favorite of the group). The set even includes measuring gauges and some dice. So you're ready to start playing as soon as the glue dries.