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Micro Art Studio Announces Alven Yard Faction For Wolsung

The world of Wolsung isn't some lawless "every mechanic for themselves" sort of place. There's law and order. The bobbies of Alven Yard are there to keep the peace, even if it takes swinging their trusty truncheons into some ne'erdowell's head. They're the new faction coming to the miniatures game, and Micro Art Studio is giving you a look at how they work.

From the post:

The long-awaited 6th faction for Wolsung is here! Queen Titania's laws will be enforced in Lyonesse, and there will be much truncheoning!

What can you expect from the Alven Yard? Definitely tons of red tape! When you compare the characters to other Clubs, they seem overly powerful - until you factor in the Alven Yard special rules, which are more hinderance than help! Let's go through them quickly so that you can have an image of how the Alven Yard plays