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Mid-Week Snippets

I don't know about the rest of you, but for me, the week is just flying by! Can you believe it's already Wednesday? I hardly can. Hopefully the week is going well for the rest of you. I know a lot of readers are either on their way to, or about to make their way to Chicago for Adepticon this weekend. We'll have the intrepid Jared Miller there to cover the show, including the $10k Crystal Brush event, as well as just all the cool armies that are always on display.

Anyway, that's for this weekend. As for right now, it's time to feast on some bite-size stories we've collected over the past couple days.

This installment we have: Gamboni Board Game Coming to Kickstarter, some more installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, New Print-and-Play Second Manassas Board Game from Wargame Shop, Laser Dream Works expands their ship offerings to the Medieval Era, Khurasan Miniatures sets up a Facebook page, (and to go with that) a First look at Khurasan Zantin weapons teams, Icarus Miniature Preview Drop Trooper Concept Art, Figone Releases 2 new Queen Minis, Dead Dwarves and Pigs released for Flintloque from Alternative Armies, Shaleground Big Oval and 32mm bases Now Available from Tabletop-Art, Siren Miniatures new release and special offers, and a Hitech Miniatures new release.

Gamboni Board Game Coming to Kickstarter

gamboni box new

GAMBONI is a board game for 2 to 5 players. The game map is a representation of New York City in the 80’s where Five Families control organized crime.

The Fiver with Nicole Kline on Designing RESISTOR_


Hello! My name is Nicole Kline, and I’m from Philadelphia, PA. I’m a designer and writer at Cardboard Fortress Games, with my partner, Anthony Amato, who is a designer and artist. We do a lot of other things as well – We both have full time jobs, and I am in grad school part time. I’m also the senior editor at Warp Zoned, co-organizer for Girl Geek Dinners Philadelphia and GameLoop Philly, and a contributing writer at Geekadelphia. Anthony and I are also co-organizers of Game Makers Guild Philadelphia. Lately, almost all of our focus has been on our game that we have on Kickstarter right now, which is RESISTOR_.

The Fiver with Stephen Gibson on Designing Grimslingers


Howdy, my name is Stephen Gibson!

I’m the creator, designer and artist for Grimslingers. I live in a pretty small town near Toronto, Canada.

I work at home as a freelance artist, mainly selling designs to Teefury and Riptapparel. My main job is of course designing Grimslingers the physical game and the app. It’s great getting to stay at home with the kids and help my wife out throughout the day.

The Fiver with Chris Leder on Designing Trainmaker


Hey there! My name is Chris Leder and I am a board game junkie and game designer! I live in the frozen tundra that is Chicagoland, surrounded by a wife and a bunch of kids of different shapes, sizes, ages, and genders. I also have a beagle and a golden retriever. I spend most of my time as a stay-at-home Dad, making meals and playing with the kids, but I also work for Calliope Games, the publisher of Tsuro and other great games. For them, I attend trade shows, help plan and run events, and work with retailers to make sure our games get and stay on their shelves!

New Print-and-Play Second Manassas Board Game from Wargame Shop


This is the second of three games within the Northern Virginia Campaign of 1862 and the twentieth game in our American Civil War in 3D Series. The Confederates under General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson have advanced on the Union army of General John Pope at Manassas. General James Longstreet is marching to help Jackson, but can he get there in time to win the battle.

This is a two day battle which is full of strategy and intrigue, it will take a good afternoon to fight and it comes with an optional night fighting stage.

It comes as a downloadable PDF version that you print and play, it includes counters, rules and even tile dice, so all you need is a printer. The rules are standard throughout the series and are easy to learn, this game takes only a few hours to play. The game board can be assembled in 3D to give a more realistic feel to the game, well worth the time and effort.

Laser Dream Works expands their ship offerings to the Medieval Era


Laser Dream Works is pleased to announce the release of our new 28mm Medieval Cog. This a kit is a perfect pair to our popular viking ship kit, and makes a great vessel or bit of scenery for your historical or fantasy armies. The Cogs will make their public debut next weekend at ADEPTACON in Chicago. We will feature them in a game of FREEBLADES. Come find Laser Dream Works at the DGS Games booth and check out their fantastic game system and lovely figures shown in our photos.

Khurasan Miniatures sets up a Facebook page


We've finally entered the 21st century! We have a Facebook page now which will be announcing new products and posting previews. Come on over and join for regular updates from Khurasan Central.

First look at Khurasan Zantin weapons teams

Zantin weapons teams

Something new for our popular 15mm Zantin Scutari! Here's a preview of the squad special weapons (grenade and missile launchers, lower left and lower middle) and the platoon assets (heavy machine gun, and RAM mortar, top, and marksman, lower right, although the marks"man" is actually female).

These will expand the Zantin forces similarly to the expansion the GOTA troops had last year. The GOTA forces actually get the next addition, a small squad support robot called a Prowler. Stay tuned for more details! These new Zantin models are at the casters.

Icarus Miniatures Preview Drop Trooper Concept Art

Icarus Miniatures have previewed another piece of concept art for their upcoming sci-fi skirmish wargame, The Icarus Project.

The Alliance Drop Troopers infiltrate behind enemy lines when traditional ground and air assaults are not an option.

The travel to their destination via high altitude drop ship. They then throw themselves from the aircraft and free fall to the target. Just before they reach the ground, they engage their in-built jetpacks to slow their descent and land.

To learn more about the background of the Drop Troopers, find out how they play in-game, or download your own free copy of The Icarus Project, visit our latest blog post.

Figone Releases 2 new Queen Minis
Note: They're not exactly work-safe for most places people work.


2 more nice miniatures on the figone's range

Dead Dwarves and Pigs released for Flintloque from Alternative Armies

Its a day for the dead in Flintloque. Two new packs released. Von Rotte Dwarf Casualties and Pummilig Riding Pig Casualties. You can now have fallen troopers and mounts in your games. Both 28mm white metal packs contain four miniatures in two poses.

Click through for more information and images.

Thanks for Reading.

Shaleground Big Oval and 32mm bases Now Available from Tabletop-Art

Now available in our shop:
Shaleground Big Oval
Shaleground 32mm round

Siren Miniatures new release and special offers


Siren Miniatures released today new model - Assassin Marquis whose concept arts and 3D model have been presented a few weeks ago. With this release Siren Miniatures introduce also new options for buyers.
First is pre-order special offer - each new release will be initially sell with reduced price. Assassin price is 20% off for first two weeks of sales.
Second is reduced shipment costs and free shipping options - all orders with total cost above 50 euro will be shipped for free worldwide.

Hitech Miniatures new release

SACRED AQUILA forces ArchFather "CORVIS"

Multipart (9 pieces) 28mm scale miniature represent "Corvis" - Mighty ArchFAther of sacred Aquila forces.
This is a high quality resin miniature, which comes unpainted and requires assembly.
Feet to eyeline dimension: 41mm
1) Body 2) Left arm 3) Right arm 4) left hand blades 5) right hand blades 6) left wing 7) right wing 8) jetpack 9)Scenic base