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Midweek Snippets

The week continues to roll along. We're already halfway through, technically, as we make our way to the weekend again. I'm excited, since it's another D&D weekend coming up. There's still a lot of work to do before we get there, though, so we need to be well-fed on bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New Iron Reich Orc Driver From Kromlech, Dungeons & Dragons Spellbook Companion Up On Kickstarter, Undead Skeletal Orc Kickstarter Now Live, and Zen Bins Quick Draw Card Holders Up On Kickstarter.

New Iron Reich Orc Driver From Kromlech

This set contains one high quality resin Iron Reich Orc Driver. It can be used to convert existing orc vehicles or build completely new ones.

Dungeons & Dragons Spellbook Companion Up On Kickstarter

Augment your Dungeons and Dragons role-playing experience with a handmade, letterpress-printed book for your spells and magical incantations! Beautifully made with durable methods and materials, it will contain over sixty pages of content including empty spell templates, spell lists, spell trackers, and ancient information pertaining to the various schools of magic.

Undead Skeletal Orc Kickstarter Now Live

Crusha rose. It had been so very long since the last good fight! At his side lay his trusty weapon. He picked it up and began to sense the movement of the boyz behind him. He could feel the past battles that had taken place here after he had fallen. The destruction of a great mage permeated the landscape, his power caressed the land bringing life to the dead ones left here from eons of fighting over the pass. Crusher began to size up the others who were rising. Many were human but more were orcs. Dwarf Rangers began to rise from the lips of the the pass. He turned and peered behind him….his boyz were ready, he raised his choppa high and began to lumber toward the dwarves. Despite their long sleep, great hatred exuded from both races! Crusha made short work of the dwarves! He turned to find more foes, he saw that the great horde of orcs and green skins (though few had skin now) overwhelm the other meager races rising! Shortly only the a great horde of destructive orc undead could be seen. Crusha had been very close to where the mage had fallen, he could feel the raw power in his exposed bones. He was stronger than he had been in life and he could feel the others beckon him to lead the horde forward. Once again he would fulfil orc destiny, ravaging the earth!

This is our 5th kickstarter of figures sculpted by the renown Bob Olley! In the four previous kickstarters we brought you the underdog, cover your mouth to keep from laughing, undead Halfling Skeletons. Now we bring you the real, shake in your boots undead, ORC UNDEAD!!!! Just as mean as they were before death but now unshakable!

All shipping costs will be collected after the conclusion of the kickstarter. I will send out a shipping invoice requesting payment for shipping and your address.

Zen Bins Quick Draw Card Holders Up On Kickstarter

These are designed to easily draw cards for a game using Standard Card/American Board Game sized cards or (Unsleeved) European Cards.

Each Standard Card Deck can hold up to 80 Unsleeved/40 Sleeved Cards. We also have a Mini American Card version which holds 50 unsleeved/25 sleeved cards.

Safely Transport Card Decks
Play Directly from Deck Holder
Keep your play area organized
Reduce Setup Time
Store Directly in Game Boxes
Stack bases to save space