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Midweek Snippets

The week rolls on. To think we've already made it to Wednesday. We deserve something nice. Like... a batch of bite-sized stories served up all in one place for your convenience. Yeah, that sounds good.
So let's get to it.

Today we have: Bailey Records New Release: Kaiju Kaos - OMFG Series 4 Stat Cards, Folklore: The Affliction announces Story Journal created with Adam & Brady Sadler, Dragonborn - Symphonic Album for Table RPGs Kickstarter, Rebel Minis Releases 15mm Civilian Hunters Pack #3 now Available, Alternative Armies: Dwarf Runic Golem 28mm kit pre-order offers now live, Nova Aetas - Vesuvio's Forge overview, Purgatory Releases St. Peter Figure, New Medieval Soccer tokens and templates from Advanced Deployment, A0 The Rising Knight -- Adventures for 5th Edition Rules, Now available – Flagstone Deals From Tabletop-Art, Bardagi - The claim for Gold - 170% funded on Kickstarter, Red Box Games Halloween 20% Sale, and Machu Picchu Dice on Kickstarter.

Bailey Records New Release: Kaiju Kaos - OMFG Series 4 Stat Cards

Kaiju Kaos Kards

Today we released OMFG Series 4 Stat Cards for Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown. This deck provides the player with 5 character cards featuring the fourth series of Outlandish Mini Figure Guys by October Toys. Each character is fully playable in both Kaiju Kaos: The Miniatures Game and Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown.

Each deck of stat cards also includes a non-random Collectible Trading Card. This deck features card #9 - Sinister Scarecrows faction card by Clint Basinger.

These cards are currently available as a $0.99 PDF and/or $1.95 PDF & print-on-demand exclusively from

Folklore: The Affliction announces Story Journal created with Adam & Brady Sadler


Greenbrier Games announces collaboration with Adam and Brady Salder on an advanced adventure book in the upcoming stretch goal on Folklore the Affliction!.

Stretch Goal 120k Stretch Goal: Advanced Story Journal created with Adam & Brady Sadler!

Adam & Brady Sadler, designers of Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Second Edition and Warhammer Quest: the Adventure Card Game, have joined the team and are co-developing Folklore: The Affliction. At this new unlocked stretch goal level they will add their own story adventures to the game.

Adam and Brady, working closely with Twinfire, will create several additional story adventures. Each story has multiple chapters. These stories will take you to new places only the brave or foolhardy would tread. The expansion book will add even more replayability and options to the Folklore: The Affliction gaming experience.

Dragonborn - Symphonic Album for Table RPGs Kickstarter


The symphony is one of the most complex and traditionally established musical forms, and one of its prominent elements is a sonata form. A large musical structure that became universal in the late 18th century, this form is centered around a tonal and thematic conflict between two subjects that are presented in the exposition part of the sonata form, elaborated and contrasted in the development, and resolved harmonically and thematically in the recapitulation. I felt that the sonata form would create a great structure for the presentation of Dragonborn in the first movement, and you can hear the first subject in the video.The symphony is in 4 movements, each featuring different atmosphere and characters, that are united through motives, rhythms, and themes to create a symphonic portrait of Dragonborn and sensations of the world that surrounds him.

Rebel Minis Releases 15mm Civilian Hunters Pack #3 now Available

Rebel Minis

Rebel Minis is proud to announce the release of our newest 15mm Civilian Hunter’s pack.
The Hunter’s pack #3 is our newest pack of Civilian Hunters, perfect for your Zombie or Post-Apocalyptic Games. These are highly detailed and a must for any Sci-Fi gamer! Sculpted by Martin Baker and Paints by David McBride!

Alternative Armies: Dwarf Runic Golem 28mm kit pre-order offers now live

The mighty 28mm scale DH15 Dwarf Runic Golem (65mm tall) has three pre-order offers saving you 10% or getting a free pack of Dwarfs and 10% or getting the Golem itself free until 26th October. Three offers for fans of fantasy wargaming and those who adore Dwarfs like we do at Alternative Armies. Suitable for any game system and any Dwarf army. Click through to see and read more. The biggest of the three pre-order offers has free worldwide shipping too! Thanks.

Nova Aetas - Vesuvio's Forge overview

At the peak of Vesuvius, among the ruins of that which was once the flourishing Pompeii, a worrying community has formed, practicing ancient and sinister rituals. Feared by the surrounding populations for their ferocity, they live off raids and ransacks, and the only thing known about them is their strong tie with the element of Fire. Missing an eye, they are referred to as "Scarfaces"; a name owing to their common feature.

The Scarfaces are in reality cult followers of the god Vesuvio, which as the story goes is King Cyclops from the depths of the volcano. In honour of the divinity, to be initiated the Scarfaces must renounce an eye; a ritual celebrated by the minister who cuts it out using a knife "kissed by Fire".

Pompeii is a sacred place where the Scarfaces live and practice their cult, due to its strong ties with the volcano. The Scarfaces describe it as "the city touched by the hand of Vesuvio". The community’s very lifestyle is an ode to their god and they define themselves as "those burned by the Fire of violence".

Their pagan faith cannot be tolerated by the Vatican; Pope Julius II is determined to exterminate these abhorrent beings and destroy their cult into oblivion. Aware of the political risks, while undertaking an inquisitional campaign along the borders of the Kingdom of Naples, he decides to delegate the task to one of his most loyal Free Company.

Vesuvio, Lord of the Forge and King of the Cyclopes is more than just a myth. A faithful apprentice of the god Volcano, this almighty Cyclops continued to prosper on the earth even after humanity abandoned the pagan beliefs of his master. His forging skills have therefore evolved over the course of the centuries, so as to create objects with divine powers. Vesuvio places his abilities at the service of his followers, now decimated over the passing of the centuries and through the evolution of the human civilisation. Inspired by the art of Vesuvius, the Cyclopes too dedicate themselves to the art of forging; their works are often offered as gifts to humans that make sacrifices in the name of the Lord of the Forge.

The Cyclopes, with their solitary temperament, have always sought to avoid human contact. Nonetheless, as they don't practice farming and breeding, in the past these beings often resorted to stealing livestock to support themselves. The advent of the Scarfaces, with their sacrificial gifts, has allowed them to return to their isolated way of living. For this reason, every now and then they leave a gift for these humans, worshippers of their King.

The mission organised by the Vatican to annihilate this pagan cult and all its followers, hides a second, more obscure scope: to force the Cyclopes and Volcano to come out of hiding. Having become aware of the great talent possessed by these beings, Julius II hopes to get his hands on the artefacts created by Vesuvio, in order to adjust the balance of power in the Italian peninsula to his favour.

Purgatory Releases St. Peter Figure

St Peter

Purgatory has released the second model from their quirky range of models. St Peter who measures 36mm to the head, comes with spiked baseball bat, rosary in the off hand, beard, sandals, suit, sculpted base and of course those wings!

The model is available for pre order now at £13 plus postage. (we cap postage at £3.50 for international to make it reasonable for oversees customers)

Please come over and let us know what you think :)

New Medieval Soccer tokens and templates from Advanced Deployment

Advanced Deployment is pleased to announce their first wave of Guild-Based Medieval Soccer tokens!

We have generic tokens currently (Guild-Themed ones coming soon!)
Kick-Scatter Templates
Snap-To and Intercept Path Templates
Influence Tokens
Combo Set!

Also, to celebrate this new line from 10/12-10-18 when you spend $20 in the store you can save 10% off your order with code GOOOAAALLL

Dice of the Dead on Kickstarter

Dice of the Dead

Battle Bunker Games launches a Kickstarter for a new set of zombie themed dice. Add some flavor to your favorite zombie board games with these cool dice.

A0 The Rising Knight -- Adventures for 5th Edition Rules


Attribute checks are here to stay! Fifth Edition has followed in the noble steps of Castles and Crusades. And now, for the first time Troll Lord Games is bringing the two systems together!

Rising Knight! Converted to and for the Fifth Edition of the oldest, largest RPG on the planet!

Now available – Flagstone Deals From Tabletop-Art

Now available – Flagstone 30mm RL deal (20x bases) and 40mm RL deal (8x bases)

Bardagi - The claim for Gold - 170% funded on Kickstarter


The Sweden based company Gamia games started its Kickstarter campaign for Bardagi - The claim for Gold in the end of September. The game got funded in the first 24 hours and now new stretch interesting goals are being unlocked. The game was introduced at Spiel 2015 in Essen Geramany and it received great feedback and general joy.
Bardagi - The claim for Gold is an area control, resource management game, with a dash of fighting and adventure feel. The backstory is that the Vikings homelands are depleted of all resources and the high Jarl sends out a group of Clans to locate new lands. The clans come to a group of islands that are full of natural resources, but the only problem is that the islands are occupied by barbarians. The area is to be overtaken through any means possible, that being through trade, convert or direct conflict. The clans try to overtake the resources and gold mines to gain glory points from the Bardbarian tribes and eventually also from the other Clans. You have Berserks, traders and priests to aid you in your task but the only question is if you have what it takes to gain the most glory for your actions!

Red Box Games Halloween 20% Sale

Red Box Games

RED BOX GAMES HALLOWEEN SALE! Now through the 31st you can apply a 20% discount to all items in the store! Simply enter the word " halloween" in the coupon code entry field during checkout to receive 20% off of your order total before shipping. sales expires at midnight of October 31st so get in while you can!

Machu Picchu Dice on Kickstarter

Machu Picchu Dice

We believe the Machu Picchu Dice to be something quite... weird. GOOD wierd. We have looked extensively, and found nothing slightly similar out there. So we are happy, because we are doing something awesome AND new.