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Midweek Snippets

The week continues on. We've made it halfway through. We might as well press on to the weekend. Turning back now would just be silly. But if we're going to make it, we should rest a bit and get some provisions. Thankfully, there's a group of bite-size stories here just waiting for us.

Today we have: Ainsty Castings Taking Salute Pre-Orders, Darklight Kickstarter - Gameplay Video Posted, Final Hours for Twisted Game on Kickstarter, Final Day for Traazorites Kickstarter, Brigade Games Launches Post-Apocalyptic Miniatures Kickstarter, and First Modern Canadian WIP from Full Battle Rattle Miniatures posted.

Ainsty Castings Taking Salute Pre-Orders


The cut off date to guarantee pre-orders for Salute is March the 25th.

Pre-orders over £50 received before that date will get a 5% discount

Pre-paid pre-orders received before that date will get an additional 5% discount.

E-mail your requirements to titled SALUTE ORDERS and include an email address for a PayPal invoice if you would like to pre-pay.

Salute orders can still be placed between the 26th March and April 10th but we can't guarantee fulfilment due to the vagueries of deliveries and casting queues.

Salute orders after the 10th will be ignored - seriously, the week before is chaos even for a well-oiled show machine like us so just bring a list on the day and we'll try and fill it.

email Pre-Orders to and collect on the day.

Darklight Kickstarter - Gameplay Video Posted

The following video will demonstrate a genuine experience of Darklight played by people who have never done so before.

Because the players are being explained how to play the game as they learn, this video lasts over 2 hours, you can see how they gradually need less guidance as the video progresses and we wanted to show you this important aspect to underline how simple it all becomes once you know how to play it. Many aspects of the game are covered over this video so we advice you watch it until the very end to understand the spirit of the game and appreciate its quirks (I won't spoil any surprises here).

Final Hours for Twisted Kickstarter


Awesome looking Steampunk Miniature game with amazingly detailed miniatures - already a lot of stretch goals unlocked with more to come - heaps of unlocks + 4 free mini's for backers over $75!

Head over to get in on some of those Kickstarter Exclusive Resin Mini's! ( Monkey King and Pigsty + more! )

Final Day for Traazorites Kickstarter

DGS Games is one of the smaller miniature companies and has a proven track record of slow but steady growth and releases of new models. With four successful kickstarters under their belts, DGS Games has a proven history of delivering their rewards on time. Additionally, they have kept their goals low so as not to compete with their retail and distributors, using the pledges to simply get new factions into production. This kind of measured progress has kept fans and retailers happy, and we hope shall be sustained for some time to come.

Brigade Games Launches Post-Apocalyptic Miniatures Kickstarter

Post-Apoc Miniatures

Now live on Kickstarter, presents our first Kickstarter after creating over 1500 miniatures across 41 ranges.

From the post-apocalyptic wastelands, these 10 ganger miniatures will terrorize any survivors and add some personality to your games.

This is a 22 day campaign on Kickstarter.

We created these 28mm metal cast miniatures for gamers and collectors. Our goal is to get these into production and expand this range during this campaign to provide a nice variety of post-apocalyptic wasteland gangers and survivor miniatures that can be used in a variety of games and in many different rule sets.

The final master figures are all on slotta tabs and the production models will come with round plastic bases. All miniatures are supplied unpainted.

We have presented the stretch goals and stretch goal freebees with sketches of the additional miniatures that fit into post-apocalyptic, zombie and survival miniature games. The additional miniatures cover survivors as well as some alternative gang faction types. Each stretch goal miniature set can be added to your pledge as an add-on. If the stretch goals continue to be met, we have some concepts for additional wastelander miniatures sets.

We hope you can support our campaign.

First Modern Canadian WIP from Full Battle Rattle Miniatures posted

Full Battle Rattle Miniatures are very pleased to present the first green work-in-progress photos for their Modern Canadian Range. Make sure to join our mailing list for the latest updates, as well as follow us on Facebook!