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Midweek Snippets

It's a hive of activity here in the office. We've got a lot of extra people in the office in town for the Expo this weekend. And it sounds like they're building something in the warehouse (which is right behind my desk). Everything for the show is in "Final check" phase. That means utter chaos, of course, but in a good way. :P
In the meantime, let's fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories, shall we?

Today we have: Rotten Factory Miniatures - Rise of the Dark Power On Wspieram, Totentanz Miniatures Tercio May releases Posted, Last 5 Days For Aether Captains on Kickstarter, New Ancestral Ruin 32mm and 40mm base deals from Tabletop-Art, Junk Spirit Games announces By Order of the Queen, Dark Siren Available Now From Kabuki Models, Load Board Game Coming To Kickstarter Soon, 15mm WW2 and Vietnam Passenger Trays Available From Dark Art Miniatures, A new design appears From Red Panda Miniatures, Khurasan releases 15mm Soviet T-64B, Brigade Models Release 15mm Neo-Soviet Conscripts, Final Day For Aeon's End Up On Kickstarter, Hope Board Game Coming To Kickstarter June 9th, and Cross promotion between Fragged Empire and FAITH: The Sci-Fi RPG.

Rotten Factory Miniatures - Rise of the Dark Power On Wspieram

Rotten Factory


I’ve been collecting models for battle games for eight years and I always had a feeling that something was missing. Some time ago, I came up with the idea of creating my own line of models in the dark and rotten climate which I always enjoyed. That is how the adventure with ROTTEN FACTORY began.

Totentanz Miniatures Tercio May releases Posted

Three new references in May. Two Eastern light cavalry references and more unarmoured pikemen to add variety to your European formations.

Last 5 Days For Aether Captains on Kickstarter

Aether Captains

Last week for Aether Captains on Kickstarter and stretch goals have been unlocked expanding the game. Aether Captains is a steampunk themed, scenario-based, asymmetric board game for 1-5 players including also option for a 6th player by Todd Sanders. Solo rules, quick play (30-45 min.), different game roles, unique game system, custom dice, asymmetric gameplay, Kickstarter exclusive items and miniature ships are just some of the elements that build this game.

New Ancestral Ruin 32mm and 40mm base deals from Tabletop-Art

Now available - Ancestral Ruins Bases 32mm (20x bases) and 40mm (8x bases) DEALS

Junk Spirit Games announces By Order of the Queen

By Order of the Queen

By Order of the Queen is a 2-4 player cooperative fantasy RPG-lite board game that plays in 60-90 minutes. In the game, players take on the roles of Quest Agents trying to protect the Kingdom from a myriad of threats endangering Noonshade Keep. Players will draw a hand of heroes and take turns assigning them to quests, guild tasks, town sites, and completing the Orders of the Queen. As time passes the Kingdom falls further into darkness, so players must work together to complete the Queen’s perfect plan to secure the Kingdom’s future.

Launching JunKing through Kickstarter was such a great experience that we will be definitely sending By Order of the Queen through the same process. We are looking at a June/July timeframe for our Kickstarter campaign.

Dark Siren Available Now From Kabuki Models
Note: NSFW Model through the link


The Dark Siren is a 80mm (3,15") multi-parts resin kit It is now offered in preorder only in 100 units (40 already sold out to a very selected number of retailers)

This limited edition has several benefits:
- A5 fine art print hand numbered and signed by the character designer Alessandro "Shin" Trombetta
- extra parts (see reference photo) not included in the standard version
- 5,00euro discount over the full retail price (50,00 instead of

Yes the Dark Siren is holding a baby Cthulhu in her hand!! :)

The item is packed in a carton box
This is a preorder, all the units will be posted from May 23th

Load Board Game Coming To Kickstarter Soon


League of Ancient Defenders (LOAD) is an upcoming 2-6 player board game with stunning miniatures and intense gameplay modeled after popular battle arena online games. Players must leverage the unique abilities of their heroes as they push three lanes simultaneously toward the opposing team's base. By destroying key enemy objectives, towers and spawn points, they will force their opponent to abandon the battle in full retreat.

The story of LOAD begins with Earth in peril. The forces of Chaos are spreading across every continent, leaving little but ash and bone in their wake. Humanity's only hope is Atlantis, the island kingdom of myth and the one power strong enough to stand against the relentless armies of darkness. Both factions will find aid from unlikely sources, heroes both old and new will either join in the invasion of Atlantis or aid in its desperate defense. In LOAD, players will decide if Atlantis is burned to the ground or if the forces of Chaos are pushed back into the ocean.

The player's heroes are joined by an array of "creeps", a disposable army of constantly respawning minions to distract and assault enemy heroes and objectives. Slaying enemy heroes and creeps, as well as demolishing objectives, awards gold, which players can use to purchase unique creeps and powerful artifacts for their heroes. Players will need to utilize every advantage if they wish achieve victory over their opponents.

The creators of LOAD plan to seek funding for the board game through Kickstarter. The campaign will begin in a few weeks.

15mm WW2 and Vietnam Passenger Trays Available From Dark Art Miniatures

Hi folks.

Just letting you know about 8 new MDF Passenger Trays suited to 15mm gaming.
These include:
Generic SS
Generic Heer
Grossdeutschland Div
SS Wiking Div
SS Das Reich Div
SS Hitlerjugend Div
Generic U.S. Armoured Rifle Platoon
& for Nam players
U.S. 1st Cavalry 'Slick' Platoon.

Many thanks for looking.

A new design appears From Red Panda Miniatures


Hey everyone! We’ve been hard at work prepping for the Kickstarter, and we’ve got 99% of the complications of a first Kickstarter figured out ? It really is an intense process, but it’s sooo worth it. We’ve finally got shipping and pledge management all sorted! We’ll share more about the basics of the campaign as we get closer to the launch date, but until then we wanted to share another design…say hello to Jack, our Hunter! Also, we wanted to show you guys a preview of Roland’s sculpt…you’ve seen the painted version, we figured you’d like to see the 3D version as well! Let us know what you think! As we get closer to the campaign, we’ll share more art and sculpts, and preview the first few stretch goals as well. Until then, let us know what you think of these designs!

Khurasan releases 15mm Soviet T-64B

Khurasan's 15mm Soviet T-64B

We're very pleased to release the T-64B, the sharp end of the Soviet spearhead in the mid 1980s, in 15mm scale. The kit is mixed resin and pewter and is available now.

Brigade Models Release 15mm Neo-Soviet Conscripts

This week, our 15mm Neo-Soviet forces are gaining several new packs of conscript infantry. There are four packs altogether – infantry (9 figures – six riflemen, squad leader, rocket launcher and LMG), support weapons (8 figures – 2-man missile squad, two 2-man gatling teams, plasma gun and sniper) and command (6 figures including a splendidly-hatted Kommissar and a comms specialist with satellite backpack). The final pack is a 32-man platoon which consists of two infantry and one of each of the other packs.

SF15-1264 – Conscript Infantry (x9) – £3.50
SF15-1265 – Conscript Support Weapons (x8) – £3.00
SF15-1266 – Conscript Command (x6) – £2.25
SF15-1270 – Conscript Rifle Platoon – £11.00

Final Day For Aeon's End Up On Kickstarter

Aeons End

Our Kickstarter project Aeon's End has less than 48 hours remaining before it comes to a successful close!

The development of Discord to Aeon's End was a labor of love for designer, Kevin Riley. He spent thousands of hours redefining the deck building genre, which culminated in the creation of this unique and intense co-op game.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the evolution of Aeon's End with Kevin's 'Designer Diary' on BGG and the history behind the breach mages, nemeses and Gravehold.

Many thanks to everyone for all of the incredible support during the campaign and for continuously sharing our games with others. We are very excited to get Aeon's End uploaded, ready for print and into your hands.

As Aeon's End heads into the final hours, please keep sharing the campaign on social media because it truly makes a difference. We would love to see all of the Stretch Goals unlocked for the backers!

Hope Board Game Coming To Kickstarter June 9th


Discover the board game HOPE which will be launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter on the 9th of June. Sci-fi lovers, board now for an exciting space travel in order to save the Universe!

Cross promotion between Fragged Empire and FAITH: The Sci-Fi RPG


As part of Wade Dyer's Fragged Empire and Burning Games' FAITH Kickstarter campaigns, we have pursued a very special cross promotion campaign.

A character from FAITH (the hacker known as SKID) will feature as one of the miniatures from Fragged Empire's Kickstarter campaign, while one of Fragged's robots will become one of the NPC cards of FAITH: A Garden in Hell.

You can check out how both look in the links below.

This cross promotion campaign aims to unite fans from these two sci-fi RPGs!

Fragged Empire is currently entering it's las three days of campaign, while Burning Games will launch a starter set/ campaign module entitled FAITH: A Garden in Hell next 10th of May!