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Midweek Snippets

The middle of the week and the start of a new month. 2017 is already 1/12 in the books. January sure did go by quick (at least for me). Before you know it, we'll be announcing Black Friday sales. Ok, maybe that's a bit much. Plenty of things to do between now and then. And if we want to keep up our strength, we should nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Mighty Meeples: Ghostbusters Collection Released by Cryptozoic; 4th Edition Preview Flames of War Preview: New Paint Sets, Spray Cans, Token Sets and Gaming Aids; Eye for an Eye: Arena Coming To Kickstarter; Acheson Creations announces two "Big Events" for February 2017; Numenera Audio Collection from Plate Mail Games; The Dragon Tray Up On Kickstarter; Aenor Miniatures Releases New Zombie Survivor; New Line of SCI-FI Miniatures by RBJ Game Company; Dice Base: Master GM Screen Up On Kickstarter; Black Earth tabletop wargame coming on IndieGoGo in February; F'aa'thum, Greater Stygian Wardemon of Fate Available From Kromlech; Baueda New DBA 3.0 Norse Irish Army Pack is Now Available; Elder Dice Coming to Kickstarter; and New Circular Ruler From Micro Art Studio.

Mighty Meeples: Ghostbusters Collection Released by Cryptozoic


Cryptozoic Entertainment, leading creator of board games, trading cards, and collectibles, today announced this week’s release of the Mighty Meeples: Ghostbusters Collection.

The tin resembles the Ecto-1, the iconic vehicle belonging to the Ghostbusters, and provides a stylish home for the six included Mighty Meeples figures, all depicting characters from the original 1980s Ghostbusters films. The five 1-inch figures feature heroes Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore, as well as popular paranormal antagonist Slimer. The sixth figure, portraying the enormous villain Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, is appropriately larger, standing 2.5 inches tall. The Mighty Meeples can be collected for display or can replace pieces in any board game to upgrade the experience.

4th Edition Preview Flames of War Preview: New Paint Sets, Spray Cans, Token Sets and Gaming Aids


The release of 4th Edition includes a new range of paints sets, spray cans, token sets and gaming aids.

Eye for an Eye: Arena Coming To Kickstarter


Ben and Shae Boersma, the husband and wife team behind Australian design studio Darwin Games have been starting to release information about their upcoming realtime arena combat game 'Eye for an Eye: Arena'.

This new game, the pair's second featuring their quirky little Occulites, puts you in control of a single gladiator-like combatant - usually an Occulite. The big difference between this and any other gladiator, small skirmish or arena combat game is that in Eye for an Eye: Arena, the game takes place in real time.

Acheson Creations announces two "Big Events" for February 2017


On February 1st we launch our first ever painting contest and it puts the spotlight on our new
Dungeon Worlds Figures line of 28mm metal miniatures…

Read all about our first-ever painting contest and visit our website to order your Dungeon Worlds Figures today!

The other big event for February 1st is the launch of our first Primaeval Designs Kickstarter featuring 28mm scale dinosaurs, prehistoric animals and modern mammals.

Numenera Audio Collection from Plate Mail Games on Kickstarter

Numenera Audio

Plate Mail Games launched their latest Kickstarter to create the Numenera Audio Collection. The goal is to bring professional audio backgrounds to several locations throughout the Ninth World. Monte Cook Games' Numenera is a vast, awesome fantasy setting that mixes the ancient tech from fallen civilizations with a new era of humanity.

The Dragon Tray Up On Kickstarter

Dragon Tray

Crafted by the insane Lumberjack Vikings at Dog Might Games, the Dragon Tray is the most jaw dropping dice rolling surface known to man. These amazing works of art are the culmination of years of artistic study combined with technical expertise and fine craftsmanship. Every Dragon Tray is created from hand selected hardwoods and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Aenor Miniatures Releases New Zombie Survivor

a new survivor is joining the fight and manage to stay classy even when surrounded by zombies! He is ready to smash heads with his hockey stick or pistol (2 optionnal hands).

He will be available in february from Aenor Miniatures but you can preorder a resin master casting now, and if you can't choose your favourite weapon you can buy a pack of 2 at a discount! (although you can also equip both minis with the same weapons if you prefer)

New Line of SCI-FI Miniatures by RBJ Game Company

RBJ Game Company has introduced their Sci-Fi line of miniatures. They started out with heavy armor S.T.A.R. Troopers and have added BDU Troopers and various aliens and sprues. Ben Rodman developed the concept artwork and Bobby Jackson’s brilliant sculpting ability brought the figures to life. The miniatures are spin cast in white metal. You need to check out the detail of these figures which have been masterfully cast by Fortress Figures.

RBJGC has fulfilled two successful Kickstarters. They are currently running an Infestor Invasion Kickstarter which features the alien enemy of the S.T.A.R. Troopers. The Infestors, sculpted by Gene VanHorn, fit nicely on a one inch base making them perfect for tabletop gaming. With the current Kickstarter and planned S.T.A.R. Trooper releases the RBJGC miniature line will soon be offering over 100 figures, sprues and bits.

Dice Base: Master GM Screen Up On Kickstarter

GM Screen

The Dice Base: Master is 12" tall by 9.2" wide by .67" deep each panel.

The dice pockets are 1.1" deep and nearly an inch wide to accommodate all standard and plus standard plus (20mm) dice both polyhedral and standard casino style.

The Map and character space is on the large side of 8.5" by 11" to accommodate standard notebook and graph paper and the cavity is .9" in total height so you cans even store your dice, miniatures or anything just shy of an inch along with your papers.

Black Earth tabletop wargame coming on IndieGoGo in February

Black Earth

Black Earth is a fast paced squad based tactical miniature wargame. The game introduces a revolutionary rules system which attempts to simulate real time in an abstract manner and brings a level of realism never before seen in a turn based strategy game.

F'aa'thum, Greater Stygian Wardemon of Fate Available From Kromlech

For those who seeks ultimate knowledge this Demon is a legend.
Once an ordinary human, a scholar turned into chaotic monstrosity.
A prize or a curse?
Demon with two faces and multiple personality.
Some call him Twin of Fate.
A lesson for those who dig to deep where one should not but at the same time a fate of one's dreams.

Baueda New DBA 3.0 Norse Irish Army Pack is Now Available

This pack contains everything you need for a DBA 3.0 NORSE IRISH army!
This DBA army pack contains at least 49 figures of which 46 are on foot and 3 (well ok, 4 including the commander if you really want to be picky!) mounted.
Include enough figures for most common options: 1x 4Ax Gen, 2x 4Ax, 5x 3Ax, 3x 4Bd, 1x 3Wb or 4Bd, 1x 2LH or 3Cv and 2x 2Ps (15 elements in all) plus 2 tent models, accessories and figures to use as camp!

Elder Dice Coming to Kickstarter

Elder Dice

RAINN Studios and Lovecraftian horror artist David LaRocca have joined forces to create Elder Dice. Each set features one of three Lovecraftian symbols: The Great Cthulhu, the "Star" Elder Sign, and the "Lovecraft" Elder Sign. The complete sets of polyhedral dice can be used in any roleplaying game. Plus, tubes of six-sided Elder Dice will be available for when you need to roll d6s by the fistful.

The dice themselves are beautiful, but they have also created something truly special for them. Each polyhedral set comes in a matching spell book box (grimoire) that snaps shut with a magnetic closure. No need for that old dice bag! Elder Dice are a work of art that will be gracing gaming tables everywhere.

Elder Dice will be coming to Kickstarter very soon.

New Circular Ruler From Micro Art Studio

Laser cut acrylic piece designed to fit various gaming system and serving as explosion template, arc and range ruler combined.

Using it you may easily check the area of effect of 1", 2", 3" and 4" blasts. The edge is exactly 0,5" while the length of the ruler is 6" making it perfect for measuring the basic move distance in the most popular tabletop games. Finally - there is a cone included that enables you to easily measure 90 degrees arc.